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Sep 20

And It’s Done

It’s the 20th, and I’m now “published”. Of course, I was published when I put out Outland, but this time I have an agent and a publisher. And I suddenly realized that I have some things I need to do. For instance, I have a mailing list. It’s not a big mailing list, but that’s …

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Sep 11

And now Amazon

And Legion is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Legion on Amazon The 20th can’t come soon enough.  

Sep 05

Spike and Lucy

Spike and Lucy keep making appearances in my novels. Kind of like easter eggs. Just for visualization, here they are…   Spike:   Lucy:    

Aug 30

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

Legion is up on for pre-order! We Are Legion (We Are Bob) The release date is now officially Sept 20th. The e-book will be released on the same day. Woo hoo!  

Nov 24

Housekeeping and Updates

Yeah, nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. 🙂 I’ve just been doing some rearranging of the web site. If you’re one of the three people who has ever visited, you may be momentarily confused. I haven’t been posting much lately, so here are some updates. As mentioned elsewhere, I have an agent: Ethan …

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