Status of Things

I’ll be trying to keep this page up to date with the current status of my projects (and generally failing, from the looks of it). Check here for updates.

As of 2021-12-04

Status Update

Snowboard season has more or less started, but with more of a whimper than a bang.


Roadkill has come back with copy-edits, but those are a couple of days work at most. Essentially, done. We’re thinking an August release date on Audible, subject to Ray Porter’s availability.

Earthside (Quantum Earth #2)

Earthside is the working title for the sequel to Outland.

I’ve officially started working on Earthside again. I’m aiming to have it substantially finished by the end of December. Of course, my predictions are best described as “laughable”, but even so, this one is that close to done.

Other Stuff

As mentioned on twitter, I’ve signed a new book deal with Audible, for 2 Bobiverse and 2 non-Bobiverse books. This will not include Earthside which is under a different, existing contract.

Note that this doesn’t mean I’m only going to write 2 more Bobiverse books. It just means I’m obligated to cough up at least two.

The non-Bobiverse books might or might not be sequels to Singularity Trap and Roadkill, which is actually looking like an ongoing story as well. Or might be something completely different.

I’m hoping to set a pace of a book every six months or so in the future. No more lollygagging around.

Yet more Other Stuff

Every once in a while I read something on the interwebz that makes me say “whaaaaaaaaaaa?” so let’s clear some things up.

  • The Bobiverse series is nowhere close to being wrapped up. I will be writing Bob books for a long time.
  • Neither Earthside nor Roadkill is a Bobiverse book.
  • I am not worth 303 million. I’m not kidding, there’s a website out there that has quoted my approximate net worth as 303 million. I think they’re off by 99.7%