Status of Things

I’ll be trying to keep this page up to date with the current status of my projects. Check here for updates.

As of 2019-12-02

I’ve now finished writing, and I’ve handed the manuscripts to my editor. The final titles will be:

Heaven’s River – Part 1 – The Search for Bender

Heaven’s River – Part 2 – Perverse Instantiations

I’ve mentioned this before, but this is how the schedule goes:

The editing process consists of a set of back-and-forths that could take weeks up to a couple of months, depending on schedules. Then it goes into production, which means Ray records it and the post-production people do their magic. Then we establish a publishing date.

My intention is to release the two books a month apart, although Audible might have something to say about that. My agent would like to see them released at the same time. Right now, I’m thinking first half of 2020. I’m hoping spring, but as mentioned before, my estimating sucks. This project has taught me, though, that I need more discipline in my writing, so I’m going to start imposing deadlines on myself. My intention is to produce a new book every six to eight months for the next little while.

We’ll see if that plan survives exposure to reality.

Earthside (working title)

This will be the next book in the Quantum Earth series. I’ll likely start on it in the late fall 2019, and finish the writing part in spring 2020. Then, 3-6 months for production.