Status of Things

I’ll be trying to keep this page up to date with the current status of my projects. Check here for updates.

As of 2020-04-08

Heaven’s River

Heaven’s River (formerly The Search for Bender) is now with Audible for production, and other than a few possible copy-edits, I’m done. I’m now actively working on Earthside (see below).


I am actively writing Earthside. Mostly, right now, I’m banging the several sub-plots into some kind of sequence. I’ve removed the “Working Title” designation, since I think that’s going to be the final.


I’ve settled on my next book, and am working on an outline (mostly when I reach the point in the day where I can no longer make any headway on Earthside). The working title is “Roadkill”.

We’ve had our patio rebuilt, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time out in the sun.