Status of Things

I’ll be trying to keep this page up to date with the current status of my projects (and generally failing, from the looks of it). Check here for updates.

As of 2022-08-04

Status Update

Summer has finally arrived, mid-July. Yeesh.


Happy Release Day!

Earthside (Quantum Earth #2)

Earthside is scheduled to be released January 26, 2023.

The Bobiverse

I’ve started working on my notes for book 5 of the Bobiverse. There are too many outstanding threads right now to be able to resolve them all or even do them justice. There will have to be some triage.

Working title is ‘Voyages’. I don’t think that’s gonna stick.

Other Stuff

Strangely, there doesn’t actually seem to be any other stuff this time around. No, wait. One thing. I still haven’t heard anything about a TV or movie deal for the Bobiverse. Sorry.