Status of Things

I’ll be trying to keep this page up to date with the current status of my projects (and generally failing, from the looks of it). Check here for updates.

As of 2020-12-27

Heaven’s River

Heaven’s River (formerly The Search for Bender) is doing well. The text versions are on pre-order and will be available Jan 24, 2021


Earthside is on hold right now. I kept blocking on it, so I’ve put most of my attention to Roadkill. I’ll get back to Earthside as soon as Roadkill goes into edits.


Roadkill is my next new book, and is (just as an aside) the third book in the current 3-book contract with Audible. I’m actively working on this book as well as Earthside.

Roadkill is actually doing very well. I’ve finished the first draft (which, like all first drafts, sucks) and I’m doing the first rewrite pass.

Writer’s Block

Sadly, writer’s block is a thing. I ground to a halt on Earthside in August, so I started writing Roadkill just to keep some kind of momentum going.