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Wow, I guess I should update this.

At the moment (2016/10/19), I have the following items on the go:

We Are Legion is published and doing well. The second book, For We Are Many, is ready for editing and will be out in March/2017 (tentative). The third book, All These Worlds, is almost done, and I’m hoping for a June/2017 release.

Outland has been out for almost two years, now, and I’m getting occasional flak from fans about the sequel. I am now actively working on Earthside, and hope to have it ready for subbing by the summer. It may or may not be self-pubbed.

And I’ve just finished a stand-alone book, Singularity Trap, which is just going through beta reads. I’ll have it to my agent by end of November/2016.

That will take me to the fall of 2017 or thereabouts, at which point I will have to dip into my magical bag of story ideas for something else.



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