OUTLAND is in the can

Yesterday, my editor accepted my latest version of Outland with no more modifications. That means, barring something from the copyeditor, I’m done. Now it goes into Audible’s queue, where (among other things) they will get it narrated and produced.

And yes, Ray Porter will be doing it. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Audible likes to keep author/narrator teams together. And I would be happy to wait if Ray’s schedule required a long lead time or some such.

The Audible contract for Outland and the sequel does not have an exclusivity clause, so the e-book, paperback, and audio book will all be coming out at the same time. Technically, we could bring out the e-book and paperback before the audio book was ready, but that would be pretty cheesy.

And this means that I’m now back to writing the next Bobiverse book(s), working title “The Search for Bender.” I say book(s) because it looks like it’s going to be a duology. And spoiler alert — the end of book one will be a cliff-hanger, and a doozy. Bob and the Bill Wonder will be tied to the front of a Zamboni, while the Penguin and his henchmen–er, no, wait, I’m having a flashback. Sorry.

So stay tuned–same Bob-time, same Bob-channel–for more updates as they happen.

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