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My name is Dennis Taylor. I share that distinction with several other authors and a couple of musicians, unfortunately. Which is why I’m using Dennis E. Taylor. No, not Dennise Taylor, dangit 🙂 .

I am a retired computer programmer, snowboarder, mountain-biker, runner, and now author.

I hope my novels will give you a few hours of entertainment and escape. I’m open to suggestions, comments, ideas, or whatever.

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Agent: Ethan Ellenberg http://ethanellenberg.com/

Twitter: @Dennis_E_Taylor

Facebook: @DennisETaylor2

Instagram: dennis_e_taylor

The Bobiverse Trilogy

We are Legion (We are Bob)                   Amazon                 Audible

For We are Many                                           Amazon                 Audible

All These Worlds                                           Amazon                  Audible

Heaven’s River                                                                                   Audible    

(Amazon version coming 01/24/2021)



The Singularity Trap                                  Amazon                   Audible

Quantum Earth series

Outland                                                     Amazon                  Audible

Stuff in the works

Earthside: A sequel to Outland. I’ve been saying ‘real soon now’ on this one for literally years, but now I’m under contract, so it’ll likely be the next book after the Bender books.

Roadkill: A new standalone. I’m alternating between this and Earthside, as one or the other roadblocks on me.

Check Status of Things for up-to-date information on how it’s going.

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  1. […] and utter jealousy. That’s how I feel right now. I just finished reading the Bobiverse trilogy by Dennis E. Taylor. I’m insanely jealous over the fact that I wasn’t the one to write this series of […]

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Heaven’s River – A Quick Description of the Megastructure

*** Spoiler Alert *** If you haven’t read the book yet, best stop now. . . . . Heaven’s River – The Topopolis I’ve seen a few comments that Heaven’s River is not sufficiently well described in the book, so I’ve put together this post to describe it in more detail. First, let’s start with …

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Seiun Award Nomination

So this is pretty cool. We are Legion has been nominated for a Seiun Award Nomination, which is the Japanese equivalent of a Hugo. Here’s the link to the news: https://locusmag.com/2019/04/2019-seiun-awards-nominees/ And a screenshot: I should note that I found out about this when my saved Google Search for “We are Legion” coughed up the …

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Outland Publish Date Announced

I’ve been informed that Outland (audio) will be published May 16 2019. Since audio is the most complex to produce, we always base pub dates for e-books and paperbacks on the audio date, so those will be out the same day.

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OUTLAND is in the can

Yesterday, my editor accepted my latest version of Outland with no more modifications. That means, barring something from the copyeditor, I’m done. Now it goes into Audible’s queue, where (among other things) they will get it narrated and produced. And yes, Ray Porter will be doing it. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Audible likes …

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