Many, many things.

It has been a freakishly busy couple of months. Actually, the whole year has been insane. I’ve been to New York for the Singularity Trap launch, to San Jose for Worldcon, to St. John NB for FogLit, and to Los Angeles for the Visioneering summit. I think I may be travelled out.

The Visioneering invitation came out of the blue, and of course I jumped at it. Terranea is a beautiful location, and this is a significant event with real-world effects.

I was invited to host a table for a “Jeffersonian Lunch” event. There were, I think, five different tables with different SF authors hosting each. That evening, I was part of an “Ask Me Anything” event, where each author showed a favorite clip from movie or TV, then answered questions (not necessarily related to the clip). I showed the clip from Forbidden Planet where Morbius is showing Adams and Ostrow around the Krell facility. “Twenty miles; twenty miles. Listen–circuits opening and closing. And they never rest.”

Here’s the AMA part, which immediately followed the clip:

The Visioneering conference is large-scale. Really, the XPRIZE foundation behind it is large-scale. They don’t just talk–they actually do things. While I was there, they announced they had disbursed one of their prizes for a device design that can extract water right out of the air.

I’ve also been placed on the Science Fiction Advisory Board:

I’m having a major bout of Imposter Syndrome right now.

Oh, and I met David Brin, Hugh Howey, and Robert Picardo at the summit. Pretty good week, all in all.

Here are some random pix:

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