Dec 21

And more neat stuff

It seems Legion is on a Washington Post Best Audio Books list, as well as Omnivoracious, Amazon’s book blog, as a book to listen to this holiday season.

The editor and I have finished working on For We are Many, and I’ll be sending it in by the weekend. Of course, not much will get done over the holidays…




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  1. Paul R. McHugh

    fun, fun, fun

  2. Renee Etienne

    I think you are a marvelous writer. Really enjoying your books!

  3. Jacinta

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read it. My husband is now super addicted to the series too. 🙂 I hope you write hundreds of books in your lifetime.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Amy V

    Yay! Soooo looking forward to the next book! And congrats on the book recommendations!

  5. Frank

    Write FASTER! Your novels are a lot of fun to read (or listen to in Audiobook format, go Ray Porter!). However, I need more. Loving “We are Legion (We are Bob)”. Thanks for writing it. -Frank

  6. Owen

    Just finished reading “We are Legion (We Are Bob), can’t wait for the sequel!

  7. Diane

    Everyone I know who loves audiobooks (which is nearly everyone I know) loves your book. We find it absolutely charming and wonderfully original, in that same very rare category as The Martian. No one can explain the creative recipe for this sort of pure fun and enjoyment- but people know it when they find it. You are in for it now: you have it.
    You are already very popular and it is only going to get worse.
    So we wish you a long and pleasant life, and many years of mutual delight for all concerned.

    You are also very fortunate in having Ray Porter for the audiobook- it is a perfect match. A single modest request, please. Find a way to tell him how to correctly pronounce the Greek names of stars.

    Cheers, Diane

  8. Kevin

    This is amazing news! The wife and I absolutely loved your book! Are there any plans of translating the book(s) in other languages? Most of my family/friends only read french.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      We have a contract in the works for Hungarian. Others are being negotiated, or at least discussed.

      1. Fay

        Seems like Portugese should definitely be added LOL. Dang those Brazilians

  9. Jason

    I really loved your book. I have read about 800 sci-fi and it is in the top ten. Loved it

  10. Kelly Cox

    Mr. Taylor, I just finished the audiobook, and LOVED IT! I did 20 years in engineering so I completely identify with Bob and his focus on details.

    One nitpick–Medeiros is Brazilian, not Mexican, and the words that you have him say in Portuguese aren’t correct. I speak a fair bit of Brazilian Portuguese and it was grating to hear “cabrao” (??) and “puta merde” which is a Mexican Spanish insult, sort of. I don’t expect the narrator to get the Brazilian accent correct, it’s tough. As a hint though, I often think people from Iran are Brazilian, their accent in English is very similar.

    My resolution for the new years is to sit my butt down and write every day, at 54 I am long past due to get these ideas down as books. Looking forward to your next installment (and the next, and the next….).

    -Kelly Cox

  11. Siobhan

    What joy to discover a new author on books 1&2. I totally loved Bob & I think it would be HUGE fun as a game . Currently reading Outland but I keep getting scared & having to distract myself – the suspense is great! I am currently on holiday is St Lucia Estury in South Africa and as holiday reads these are smashing. Looking forward to MORE

  12. Sohrab

    Does this mean we can look forward to an audible release of For We Are Many soon?

  13. David Johnson

    Just finished We Are Legion. Absolutely brilliant. Cannot wait for the second one to come out, and so happy to hear that it is on the way, as it were.

  14. Matt

    I don’t expect or need a response, and you might already be aware of this, but your Amazon author page doesn’t seem to have some issue with it: clicking on the blue-highlighted author’s name doesn’t open up your author’s page; you have to scroll further down and there’s a link that works. As someone who reads a ton of e-books, I can tell you that no matter how much you like someone’s books, if you read a lot (or even if you don’t) it’s easy to forget an author’s name when searching for new releases. I didn’t even know you had an author’s page until now, and if other’s have the same issue, I’d imagine it could reduce sales or slow down increases in sales. If there isn’t an issue that’s more widespread, sorry to bother you. I really enjoyed your writing, and am glad I can keep up with new releases now. Thanks for your time.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Thanks. I’ve emailed the publisher to fix that. Outland does it correctly, but that’s because Outland was self-pubbed and I had total control.

  15. NavyAT1

    I am really enjoying your first Bob book. The writing is great and the narrator seems to have all the right attitudes required as he is absolutely perfect. Thank you for now giving me a new series and author to follow ! I can not wait for more

  16. Heather Havens

    Your book was really fun, thank you so much for writing it. I look forward to reading more Bobiverse, and whatever else you come up with.

  17. Darren

    Wow, seriously, Mr Taylor… just finished listening to your book. I complete 3-4 books a month, mostly sci-fi. I can not adequately express how happy I am to have found you. I have never felt compelled to dig up an author on the internet and leave him/her a msg… until now. Thank you very much. Let’s have a beer sometime before you get too famous, haha. Keep writing, I look forward to hearing more of your work. Thanks again.

  18. LittleFuzzy

    I can barely express how much I have thoroughly enjoyed the first of the Bobiverse books. (Of course, with a 7 week old and a 3 year old in the house, I’m barely coherent at all these days…) Thank you for giving me a much needed place to rest my brain from the chaos I currently I habit.

  19. Lou

    Have just finished reading ‘We are Legion (we are Bob)’ and can’t wait for the next installment, you’re a great writer Mr Taylor. I loved all the different Bobs and their VRs.

    I think I’ll have to read Outland now whilst I’m waiting for ‘For we are many’.

    Thanks 🙂

  20. Arcan

    When i brought We are “Legion (we are Bob)” on audible i was thinking i will return it in few days when it turns out to be another weak attempt at some “funny” sci-fi with silly characters and not original plot.

    Now after giving it a 5/5/5 review i can’t wait for another book! I hope i will be able to preorder it soon on audible!

    I just hope whatever plans are for the story it won’t be another “open” ending that is so popular in todays writing.

  21. T. Jackson King

    Hi Dennis. Just left a five star review on Amazon for We Are Legion/We Are Bob. Loved the novel and the attention to detail and design for the Von Neuman devices. Your geopolitics scenarios are spot on. Looking forward to reading books 2 and 3 in this series. FYI, I’ve been a published SF author since 1988 and am a member of SFWA, the pro group for scifi authors. You might wish to join it. SFWA now accepts self pubbed authors whose annual sales exceed $2000 in one year. For sure you would quality. Tom/T. Jackson King.

  22. Gully Foyle

    1. Any relation to Dennis Taylor the famous snooker player? Dude looks like an author.

    2. Have you read Altered Carbon? Wesley Chu? Ancillary Justice? The Bobiverse seems like their illegimate three way love child (in the best sense).

    3. Congratulations and thank you for writing such an entertaining book! I’m excited to see where the series goes. (I realize this is not a question.)

  23. T. Jackson King

    Hi Dennis. Just finished reading and greatly enjoying Outland. I quite like your dialogue, light-heartedness and character development. They all come across as very real people. One problem I noticed. You mention early on that there were ‘hominids’ that went extinct during the Toba eruption on Earth-us. Not correct. The last hominids, or homo predecessors, went extinct one million years ago. Also, while homo sapiens, also known as Cro-Magnon man, did face a population pinch around 70K years ago, that was not the case for other early humans like Neanderthal and the Denisovans of central Asia, all of whom could/did cross-breed with each other and with Cro-Magnon humans. I offer this data as a retired federal archaeologist/anthropologist. But this was a minor detail. Overall I quite enjoyed the novel and will give it a five star review. Tom/T. Jackson King.

  24. Evan

    Need More Bob. The suspense is killing me :-/

  25. Steve

    More Bob,, NOW….


    First time I have started an audio book again right after the end of the first time through. Thanks for the good listen.

  26. Gale Trippmith

    Cannot WAIT for the next BOB installment!! Hoping it comes soon!!!

  27. Roger Ball

    Loved the book. Looking forward to the next. In the meantime, I’ll definitely try one of your others! Keep ’em coming!!!


  28. Tomas

    Any ETA on audiobook We are many?

  29. Erkee

    Need more BOB. Please!

  30. Eric J White

    It’s really very simple….if you are not spending every waking hour on Bob 2…and 3, then you are really wasting your, (and my) time.

    WE must have more Bob. NOW.

    That is all. Get back to work.

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