Dec 04

Best SF of 2016 on Audible





Best SF of 2016 on Audible





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  1. Michael Alderete

    Congratulations! I just read (listened to) this book, on a six-hour drive (and then at home). Really enjoyed it.

    I don’t remember how I learned about the book. I think it was an Audible teaser, and I liked the description enough to spend a credit on it immediately, and push it to the front of the queue. From the popularity on Audible, it seems like I’m not alone. And with the win, I hope the numbers will grow even further.

    Looking forward to the next two books!

    (And, now you really need to get a Twitter account! πŸ˜‰

  2. Amy V

    Congrats! You and the Bobs deserve it!

  3. Joe

    Legion has not even been out for 3 months. This is an amazing win. Congratulations Dennis!!!

  4. jerry lowery


  5. Markdsm

    Well deserved.

  6. Elizabeth Mathern

    So well-deserved! I’m on my 2nd listen in just over 3 weeks and I put this recording up with best I’ve ever heard (I’m a long-time audio book fan). Thank you and I can’t wait for Book 2!

  7. Bass

    Awesome, best sci-fi book I’ve had the pleasure of listing to in years. Thank you, keep up the good work. Eagerly awaiting the next book!

  8. Craig G

    I just finished listening to Legion. Such a fun listen. I purchased the book for my father-in-law for Christmas and i expect he’ll enjoy it as much as I did.
    I can’t wait for news on the next book.

  9. KKilbourne

    Woot! Woot! You go, Dennise!

  10. Terry

    If a book is well written with great subject matter I cannot put it down. Legion has kept me reading in this manner. Congratulations on such a novel SF subject and fluid story line. I await with baited breath for the next book in this series. You deserve success in this venture.

  11. Darshan Thota

    I loved this book! I literally listened to all of it in one sitting! The writing is engaging, the banter is hilarious, and the allusions to classic Sci Fi series are brilliant! I’ve told all my friends about it and can’t wait for book 2!

  12. Ben

    Just bought it.

    The premise strikes me as similar to the one of that short story that spawned Larry Niven’s “World Out of Time”. I don’t remember the name of the short story, but remember I was disappointed by the novel essentially saying “… aaand a couple million years later…”. Always has to take a good thing and crazy it up, that Niven.

    Hopefully this one has more transhumanism. πŸ™‚

  13. Jessica Payne

    You earned it. The book is awesomely geeky.

  14. Matt

    Congratulations! Every once in a while you listen to a book that you don’t want to get out of the car at work or home, this is becoming one for me. Just started yesterday and cannot wait to get back in the car to continue!

  15. Espen

    Hey Mr. Taylor! Congratulation on your award, it’s well deserved. I’m about halfway through We Are Legion now, and enjoying it very much!

    I wanted to bring to your attention what I think might be a small editing error in an early part of the book (p 39 of 370): After the visit by Minister Travis, Dr. Landers and Bob are talking about the Ministry of Truth, and Bob says “Truth? How does that connect to colonization?”. But on the very next page Bob muses “…I wonder when he’ll spill the beans” about what the mission is about. There has been no mention of colonization or the purpose of the mission up until that point – indeed, it seems you mean to indicate Bob is still totally in the dark at that point. This out-of-the-blue mention of colonization confused me so much I had to go re-read the first 39 pages to see if I’d missed anything…! I’d love to hear if the mention was intentional, or a slip-up πŸ˜‰

    Looking very much forward to your next winner!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      yeah, someone else brought that up as well. A few things got moved around during editing, and that little anachronism got missed.

      I’m doing a revision 2 with a new cover soon, so this and some minor editing issues will be fixed.

  16. Chris Bell

    Well done! Ray Porter was also a perfect match as narrator btw. Do you have a ball park ETA your next ‘For We Are Many’ yet?

  17. Kelly

    Listening to it now -LOVE it!! Congrats!

  18. Robert Coppage

    Awesome book it was funny and a blast all the way! At first I looked at it and my first thought was WTF is this. then i read some of the reviews and gave it a shot. Now you got me jonesing for the next one.

  19. Diane Dahl

    Absolutely fantastic book. My entire family is hooked!

  20. RJB

    I bought this book on a lark because of this ad. Great job! It was a real “page turner.” (I bought the audiobook, obviously) thanks for writing it and I look forward to the sequel!

  21. Acacia De Almeida

    Hey Dennis!

    Do you have plans/Β Can I offer help to translate this book to Brazilian Portuguese?

    I came around to your book because of this audible ad, and now I’m deeply in love with the saga.
    I’m not an engineer, I’m graphic designer but I bet I can handle most part of the dialogs.
    I’m from Brazil and I want to spread this book to all my friends.

    I’m not sure how to contact you directly, so I’m leaving my e-mail here (oh bob…god) [REDACTED]

    Congrats for the indications!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I’ve edited out your email address, as it appears internally anyway.

      I’m pleasantly surprised that you like the book, since Brazil is the major antagonist (well, one of them). πŸ™‚

      As for translation services, my agent handles all that stuff. He is:

      Ethan Ellenberg

      1. Acacia De Almeida

        Hahaha I thought it was really funny how you handled Brazil and Brazilian pride. We are kinda of the opposite actually, we feel like the underdog of the world. It was interesting to imagine our country as a martial power.

        Thanks for the email edit! I’ll enter in contact with him πŸ™‚

  22. Alyssa

    Hey Mr. Taylor!! I LOVED your book!! I just recently started a book review blog and decided to use We are legion as my first book! This is definitely one of my favorite books, way up there with Scalzi!! Thank you!! Can’t wait for the second book to come out!!

  23. Sarah Ferguson & Choppy

    I saw it on this list, downloaded it…and promptly spent the next three days attempting to find any and all times to listen to it. Loved it. Immediately looked for the second book and this was pretty much my reaction:


    [Sorry. I couldn’t help myself on that one. It’s horrible and yet never fails to amuse me.]

  24. Jason

    Sir, this mention of BEST is very well deserved! I cannot wait for more and as much I would love to tell you “Hurry Up!” …I understand good things take time. Keep up the fantastic!

  25. Kettle

    Can’t argue with that! Just started it yesterday, about halfway through it now and already anxious for more. Everything still on track for that match release? Daddy needs his medicine!

  26. Lawrence Wallman

    Love the book. Love the narration. One minor but irritating bone to pick though: “Archimedes” should be pronounced ahr-kuh-MEE’-deez, not ahr-KIM’-edeez (accenting the “KIM”). See (listen), for instance, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6BhZ-M51i8 or http://pronouncemath.blogspot.com/2013/04/archimedes-of-syracuse-pronunciation.html

    Of course, one could make the case that your character isn’t THAT Archimedes, but then you’d have to explain why every other proper name in the book is pronounced conventionally except for this one. Someone (who “edits” narrations?) should have caught this before it was published. Possibly just me but it grates.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Agreed, but I didn’t get the audio in advance. Now it’s better to just stay consistent.

  27. Laurel

    Congratulations to you and the Bobiverse! Just loved the audiobook and can’t wait for the sequel! I hope you can get Ray Porter to read the next one. He’s a great narrator!

  28. dan

    I’m a Veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan and I spend a lot of time in bed recovering. I have read and listened to a ton of Sci-Fi books lately and I have to tell you that it would be an honest to goodness crime if you don’t get contacted by Spielberg or someone of the like in Hollywood about the rights to your work.

    I love the descriptive way you write. You don’t look for words that speak down to the reader with your wording or use contrived words just to seem like your above your reader. unlike most writers. My favorite two writers are you and Mr Cline, you both write to me almost personally in some passages it seems. I’m an older guy (Desert Storm Vet Also) who cant get into Phillip k Dick or the others that seem to be too stuffy and they seem to write at the classic level even though they are contemporary.

    I only wish you would write more, we need more of this and less of that. Keep up the good work, I really like it and look forward to the day when I will be able to read the whole Saga with all of the series one after another. I say read but I only own your audiobooks because I have a brain injury, even though its very mild, I have a hard time reading and comprehending anything harder than cup of noodles instructions lately…I enjoy letting my 11 year old daughter listen after I’m done and she loves your work too.by the way.

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