Mar 04

Timeline of We Are Legion

I promised to put up a timeline of the book. So here you go. Note that this is from before the last round of edits, so something might be off.


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  1. Joe

    I’m interested to find out what Bob-Moot is.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Chapter 59 – Bill – May 2172 – Epsilon Eridani

  2. Mike Bowman

    Very nice. Very clear. It’s also a handy summary of the salient events in the book.

    What program is that? The only TimeAlign I know of is this: http://timealign.org which is quite fun to play with when doing research.

    Unrelated question: is there or might there one day be a dramatis personae? Perhaps it could be combined with a timeline and added to one of the books as an appendix. All the best fiction books have appendices! Just look at Tolkien! Wrote a whole new book to explain the actual book!

    Unrelated observation: I seem to have a problem seeing a double ‘n’. Every time I look at the URL for this blog I ask myself “Who is Denise Taylor?” 😉

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      It’s an app that I wrote myself. I just picked a name, and obviously I’ll have to change it if I release this on codeproject. 🙁

      There is a cast of characters at the end of book 2, and probably at the end of book 3.

      1. Mike Bowman

        I was going to suggest ‘Time Ruler’, but there’s already several of those.

        You could go slightly pretentious with ‘Continuum’. Or ‘Timefeed’, a play on newsfeed. ‘Tempus modum’? Nah, too King Lear, and all the nerds would misspell it ‘modem’.

        Chrono + Tape measure = Chrontape!


        You know, I think naming it will be harder than coding it!

        Back on topic: when does the audio version of Book 2 come out? I presume Mr Porter will be reprising his role?

        1. Dennis E. Taylor

          Ray finished recording book 2 a while back. Release of both the audio and e- versions is April 18th.

  3. Stephen C

    Thanks! I appreciate you doing this. I’ll make good use of this in the interactive Bobiverse timeline. Now, if I could just get this quaternary star system orbits right…

  4. Richard

    Yes Thanks for this, it’s fun to study and browse.

  5. ashley richard

    Amazing book so far! chapter 52 and I don’t want it to end. Will there ever be a BOBiverse dictionary of some kind? that would be great for those of us who want to nerd out! and those of us who have bad memories.!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I’ve added a glossary and cast of characters to book 2. I should probably put them up on the website as well.

  6. Eric

    Were there chapters omitted from the audiobook? There is a lot of stuff in this timeline that wasn’t in the audiobook.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      No, I’ve listened to the audiobook, and it’s identical. The timeline probably contains some book 2 stuff. I tried to trim it down before posting (to avoid spoilers) but may have missed a few things.

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