Apr 21

No, no, THIS year!

I’ve been perplexed by some of the comments on book 2 (on Amazon), where they’ve been saying things like “now I have to wait a year for the third book.” It finally came clear when someone posted this response on goodreads:


I’m assuming you mean June 2018? A turnaround of just a few months between books is too much to ask for 🙂


(Slaps self upside head) No, actually I mean 2017. But unfortunately, I now mean August 2017. Editing took a little over-long, and I think the production queue is a little too busy at Audible to just slide it in. But summer this year, for book 3.



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  1. Tucker

    I just finished book 2 today and was feeling bummed about having to wait but now I feel better (and very excited) knowing I only have to wait 4 months!

  2. Lord Dave Hand

    August is no problem and it’s a helluva lot shorter than other waits I’ve had to endure for sequels. Put up a link when it can be pre-ordered!

    1. AdjustableCynic

      Agreed… Where are you Kingkiller Chronicles #3? And then feeling like a series will never get finished like the Hell’s Gate series….

  3. AdjustableCynic

    Thank you so much for creating one of my most favorite Sci-Fi universes I’ve ever delved into (not as much as some, more than most). The combination of humor, actual science and writing style had me hooked. I’m also super impressed that you’re able to pump out the sequels with what seems like impossible speed. Any future chance of a hardback release, and have you ever given any thought to attending Salt Lake Comic Con? 🙂

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Hardback? Not even sure if Createspace supports that.

      The thing about the sequels is that this was essentially a 250k word novel. I had written most of it by the time book 1 came out. I just had to figure out where to end each book, then get it edited and cleaned up.

      As for cons, I think in 2018 I’m going to start attending as many as I can.

  4. Nick

    Any chance for more than three books in the series?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      There are 3 books in the trilogy. The series is open-ended, and I have several other ideas for books in the bobiverse.

      1. Alex

        That’s good to know. It occurred to me in the second book that even once the trilogy is complete, you could write any number of standalone books that each portrayed an interesting adventure/challenge undertaken by a single Bob, somewhere else and sometime later. First contact situations are always fun to read, and it seems like the Bobs are uniquely positioned to uplift and interconnect different species as they find them.

      2. Paul

        Thank goodness – this is a fantastically open ended concept – I doubt I’d be tired of it if you kept me in the Bobiverse for 20 books. From the audible side of things – keep the narrator if you can – it’s finally a brilliant maneuver for all the characters to have the same voice.

  5. Noslen

    I just finished the second book via Audiobook and I loved it. Thank you for releasing both at the same time!

    The summer will be a long wait and once that pre-order comes out, I’m pre-ordering asap.

  6. Bo

    I think you are underestimating how good your story is. You are selling yourself short and leaving money on the table. Make the hardback. I’d like it for my collection.

    1. Johan

      Yes, I would love to own the trilogy in hardcover, preferably signed by the author :]

    2. Ryan

      I don’t buy dead tree books, and I have both of these on audible. But if you released these in hard back, they would find a place in my office. Oh and Ray Porter is an excellent choice for narrator

  7. Kai

    Just get us a preorder link for book 3 at the 90day mark (that’s the earliest possible on Amazon, right?..) and we’ll all be happy & smiling 😉

  8. Risa

    I was hoping to interview you for my new website http://www.bookishventures.com. The website focuses on authors, books and marketing. I am particularly interested in authors as entrepreneurs and writing schedules.

    II look forward to hearing from you!

  9. John P

    Just finished book 2 via audio.. So 3 will be out this Summer in audio? That is fantastic news!! With my schedule it very hard to find time to actually read. But audible has changed that – now every morning I get 1.5 hours as I walk. And then another 30 min each way to and from work.. So its easy to kill a book in a few days.

    Now very much looking forward to how the bobs takes care of the others..

    And looking forward to 4 and 5 and etc.. in the series as well!!

  10. Chee Ortiz

    Excellent story!!! I am not sure how you found the narrator, but he does the story extreme justice. Like every one else here I am looking forward to the final book. Btw, will you have a bootj at Comic Con 2017?

  11. chris

    LOVE this series. Just started listening for to both for the second time. I hope you keep writing these beyond three books. Super excited about only having to wait till august for book 3. Thanks man. Your awesome

  12. Shupshe

    Just had to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying the Bobiverse series. You have tickled my funny bone so many times that the wife has forbade me from reading in bed after the outbursts of laughter. (Rocky 2 giggle snort)


  13. chris

    Wanted to add..I think bobiverse would make a great movie but an even better PC video game.

  14. Owen Kyffin

    Finished book 1 in a couple of days and just started book 2 so it’s great news that 3 is on at way!

  15. Nathan

    Hi Dennis, I have enjoyed binge listening to your Bobiverse books on Audible. I’m happy to hear the next book is going to be released so soon, but I still wish it could be sooner. I’m dying to know what happens next! Have you considered using a subscription or ad supported podcast to release new chapters individually as they’re written?

  16. Steve Boland

    LOVED book 2 as much as book one, and I’m thrilled to hear book 3 will be out so soon. Thanks for writing!

  17. Flipside3420

    Great to hear!

  18. Darla McCollim

    I LOVE the Bobiverse! I have not been this excited over a series since Potter came out. Really! I love the humor, the nerdiness, and the humanity. Thank goodness August is only a few months away.
    Thank you!

  19. mistifa

    Just finished book 2 on Audible. I absolutely LOVE these books – please know that you have truly made another person happy through your work! I also love the narrator – just perfect. And, one more thing I love … the fact that I only have to wait until August for book 3!! Can’t wait! Thank you for the bobiverse!

  20. Marc Schipperheyn

    I’ve finished my second read of For we are many this week. Already read the first one 3 times, I think. Really glad to hear the next one will be out this soon. As soon as the pre-order is up, I’m in!

  21. Robin

    I just finished Greg Egan’s Diaspora and this popped up. As a akindle unlimited book. Do you make any money from KU downloads?

    I very much enjoyed the story and I’m looking very much forward to the third book!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Generally, an author gets about half a cent per page read in KU. My agent tells me it works out to anything from half of sales royalties up to equaling sales royalties, depending on book, author, and genre.

  22. Chris

    WHAT?!?!? BEST News all month, other than than Book 2 releasing.

  23. Kevin Baker

    Oh thank Bob. I thought I was going to have to wait a year instead of a few months.

  24. Jacob

    This post made my day. Love the Bobiverse, was bummed about the wait for a new book. Four months is absolutely stellar!

  25. Johan

    Just finished Book 2, just a great work of fiction on all counts. I’m starting a second listen now in preparation for Book 3. Also, this cannot be the end of the bobiverse. There’s still so much to see! Great work, sir. Keep’em coming.

  26. Acacia De Almeida

    Gosh, I was bummed to wait but this made my day. Again.

    Ray Porter narration and your great story made this book super duper great.

    The Brazilian Empire salutes you my friend, thanks for the awesome work once again!


    Sweet!! Keep them coming and I’ll keep throwing cash at you! 😉

  28. Nathan Zimmerman

    Whoa, you mean books don’t write themselves overnight? Who would have thought…. Anyhow, awesome work on book 2!

  29. Kerri Ball

    If you haven’t quit your day job yet, I just want to say that you should, asafp!

  30. Reed

    Is there a map of the bobiverse? Did some googling and found Dennis’s ship designs for Bob but no Map.

    Thank you!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      There’s a short video of the local sphere, somewhere on my posts. I’m hoping to improve the quality at some point.

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