Apr 19

Well, it’s out there.

Two down, one to go. 🙂


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  1. Thilo

    Great book! I am about half way through now. I like it a lot so far.
    Do you have any plans on translating the Books? My german friends and family would very much like to read it, too 🙂

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      We’ve signed a deal for a German translation.

  2. Spencer

    Just finished it (I am a resident on nights right now and had some extra “free time”) and it was AWESOME! it’s a tough month for me thanks for the making it a little easier with this great book.

  3. Lord Dave Hand

    I sincerely hope this is only the end of the trilogy and not the Bob’s or their universe. I doth need my fill and three nary do come close to quenching my thirst. You’ve created something on par with Iain M. Banks universe. If anything I like to picture your novels as the beginning of the culture.

  4. Goodolepirate

    And it’s exceptional. Already finished it on Audible. Good job. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Diego Sanchez-Guzman

    When is the 3rd book comming our, I have already finished the 2nd

  6. Bradley Reinkemeyer

    Darn, finished it in less than a day. Now I have to wait for book 3. Thank you for another fun book. If you ever get into book signing I’d love to know. I’d love to add a signed book one to my collection. Maybe one day it will be setting on the shelf in my VR lol.


  7. Dan

    Been looking forward to this for awhile now…. BUT WHY has the pronunciation for some words changed! Err-ee-darn-ee is now Er-rid-en-nee for example. I don’t care what the correct version is, I just want consistency between books, its very frustrating.

    1. Wesley Reitz

      Ugggggh right I kept getting confused. It may be bias at this point but the book 1 pronunciation sounded cooler to my ear.

    2. Beau R Burnham

      Ditto. My only criticism of book 2 on audible.

  8. Dion

    A really wonderful book, listened to the audiobook all in one go. Love the Bobbiverse and the character interactions with the iffemerals.

  9. Guardian Bob

    Stand alone stasis pods could be used to solve the Earth food problem, the climate problem while waiting for transport and could be moved on to a colony/transport ships.

    Seems like if you used the local power grid it wouldn’t affect the schedule badly.

    Heck you might even be able to launch them through a rail gun towards a destination and catch them at the other side.

    Also, that Dyson sphere looks to be a good target for a rouge moon (using the surge drive plates). I mean a moon would be easier than a planet and the star’s gravity would give a nice pull at the end.

    1. Adrian

      I bet this will solve the problem with Others! What else would be Bill’s invention for? Killing the Prime with some big rock should affect the whole hive significantly.
      Knowing how Bobs are fond of redundancy – multiple rocks will be in use 🙂
      Let me place another bet: they simply must mention Bruce Willis/Armageddon movie during the execution of this plan! 😀

  10. Lord Dave Hand

    My friends have complained about aspects but just a sample of my imagination and why yours appeals so much to me.

    “The end into the beginning”.

    No dreams, and fresh. His two first thoughts in billions of years. Old hands gripped the sides of the metal casket and eased him from his resting place. A stretch of old tired muscles and he rubbed his eyes. Neither was necessary but habit was hard to shake. The old man gazed around at the observation deck were he had been placed. In front of him the universe stretched to infinity in front of him. As he padded to the railing he sighed and looked briefly around the empty room. “Nobody wanted to join me eh?”. I am afraid not sir. He chuckled at the polite voice inside his head. “That’s interesting. We certainly didn’t communicate directly into our heads in my day”. A simple manipulation of the electrons in your head sir.

    The old man stared into space. The stars seemed more faint. Distant. Crinkled eyes tried to pierce the darkness as he chuckled “I was afraid I’d miss it.” The would be quite impossible sir The computer chirped in his head. “Indeed, and how many do we have observing this show with us? And how long until the curtains close?”. We are the last two known sentient beings in the universe. The event will begin in five minutes and twenty-seven seconds. It will take exactly twenty seconds to reach our craft. The old man closed his eyes and gripped the wooden rail. “The last two? And what of humanity? Of artificial intelligence?” Sliding his hand along the rails polished surface “Of life…of trees?”.

    The last biological human expired 17,988,123,875 earth years ago. From the time you identify as 3012ad much of humanity has transferred it’s consciousness to digital format. From there humanities existence and consciousness evolved to a point were all mysteries of the universe were revealed and existence had become, in a sense, futile. Once humanity had realized that it would be unable to prevent the collapse of this universe or transfer it’s intelligence to the new universe it ceased to be in 3521. Artificial intelligence had come to this conclusion 17 years before but choose to cease to function at the same time as humanity. The wood that you are resting upon is merely a manipulation of matter that would present as appealing to your limited senses.

    His eyes swung up to the view again, “And me? Am I alive now or is this some copy of the body I had preserved?”. Your body remains your own as did the atmosphere inside the casket. Molecules have been replaced periodically through time on the casket itself to ensure it does not cease to function. A nod of the head and then he pointed to the screen in front of him “A timer please.”

    4mins 1sec appeared on corner of the screen. Weaker. Weaker than he had ever felt before. And hopeless. Humanity had been somewhat certain of it’s fate when he had sealed himself in the casket. He had been diagnosed with a neuron degenerative disease that would eventually incapacitate him completely. The casket had been offered as a means to preserve himself until a cure could be found. Instead he had asked to be revived when humanity had either found out that the universe and by extension, humanity could be saved or six minutes before the end of the known universe. An intense loneliness jolted through him as he realised his insignificance. “To think no one else will see this…”. I’m afraid your senses are not suitable to viewing the event. If you wish I could enhance your senses and functioning so that you may witness it.

    A withered hand waved away the suggestion. 2mins 11sec . “The countdown is fine.” He listened to his labored breathing. The thump of his heart. The silence. In front of him the universe was dying. All those wars. His children. Poverty. “Were humans happy in the end?” he asked. The question is somewhat open-ended. The humans that had come to understand the universe had discarded emotions as illogical. Other humans that had just pursued life in a digital reality had varying degrees of success with regards to finding true fulfillment. In terms of answering the question you may be more suited to answer the question. The corner of his mouth twitched and then raised slightly. 1min 12sec. As the smile formed a tear slid along the ridges of his wrinkles. 54sec.

    He had been young, maybe five or six. He had been driving home from his grandmothers with his parents. The smile grew as more tears began to shed. 44sec. He had asked his mother if a star he saw was that of a dead relative, His mother said “yes”. 31sec. His father had laughed and explained to him that the relative wasn’t a star yet but one day would be. That we are all just a collection of matter. Of tiny ingredients. When we died those ingredients would dissolve and form into something new. That the earth would be swallowed by the sun as it died and all those buried would be consumed and used as ingredients for the sun. 20sec. That eventually we would all become that which makes the stars. The very essence of the universe. We would die but never cease to exist. We were all the same. Nothingness raced towards him. He raised his arms in embrace. 3sec . Mother, Father, Brother, my Children. We are all but one. 1sec.

  11. sbloyd

    I just want to say, I am *so* glad the wait will be such a short time (though I don’t mean to jinx you) til Bk 3. Picked up We Are Legion recently on a whim off of Audible, and waiting a couple weeks for For We Are Many was frustrating.

    Great work!

    1. Lord Dave Hand

      My brother does viking re-enactments in Ireland. At one gathering there was a group of them in a tent all sitting around in traditional dress etc… Anyway talk got to books and my brother went on a rant about George RR Martin and him deserting his loyal readers. After he finished and the last of his spittle settled into the dirt one of the girls closer to the tent flap started sobbing and then screamed “You don’t know how hard it’s been at home!” before running out of the tent..

      Needless to say this left the majority in confusion until it was explained the girl is Georges partners daughter. Awkward.

  12. Lord Dave Hand

    Wow. Three days released. Number 86 in paid kindle books and number one in three seperate kindle science fiction categories. Kudos.

  13. Moritz

    How many books/audio books did you sell in the first day?

  14. Jonathan Goorin

    Just finished it – Made it in one long read for 8 hours, GREAT BOOK!
    When is the next one will be published?

  15. Conflux

    Just finished it and loved it! I absolutely cannot wait till book 3. So glad Bill got a buddy or two. Felt like he was getting overworked in the research department.

    Best of luck on book 3! Hope to hear more about it soon.

  16. RW

    Well i started the second book, i have been trying to hold back cause when its done.. its done.. lol
    so far its just as wonderful as the first book, i just have to comment on the audiobook narrator, Ray Porter.. i mean he does an amazing job overall and great with all the personalities but cant keep pronunciations straight. At least in the first book there were only one or two words he would always say wrong, primarily “Archimedes” (he would say “ar Kem a dees”), and he said it wrong every time. Now in the second book he says it correctly but seems to now be saying ever star name wrong.. he was properly saying Eridani correctly the whole first book, then the very start of book two now he cant pronounce it correctly anymore and its now “a Ridany” instead of “Air a Donnie” er whatever, you get the point lol

    Anyways, so far im loving the book, if Ray Porter didn’t do such a great job overall it might bother me more, he really does good narration, but checking some of these things might have also been a good thing.

  17. Robyn

    I started listening to “For We Are Many” today – I find these stories wonderfully character driven, and I love the Audible reader (he sounds like a Tom Hanks voice clone to me). I have one criticism of the audiobook – the pronunciation of “delta eridani” has changed from the first book to the second. Since I’ve listened to “We Are Bob” several times, I find this distracting. This does not seem to be unusual for series books I’ve heard, and I’m pretty sure that the act of recording an audiobook is generally out of the author’s hands, so I just want to vent. I’m also pretty sure that Audible doesn’t care unless the problem results in fewer book sales.

    Thanks for the stories!

  18. Brad


    Enjoy these books immensely. I am curious if there are any other examples in science fiction with AI suicide. Are you aware of any?

    Thanks for the great books. Kind of wish you had plans for more than three.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Oh, I do. Just different storylines.

  19. Delta Eridaniel

    I just finished book two after re-listening to book one. Loved them both, and you can bet your bottom Bob that I’ll be listening again. These were the books that before, I could only dream of having the pleasure to read/ listen to! I really love them and hope to read more of your work in the future!

    – Dan

  20. Richard Bateman

    Your going to throw relativistic asteroids at the Others’ home world and Dyson Sphere aren’t you?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      There’s been a lot of speculation. None of it has hit the nail, yet. I will say no more.

  21. Pete

    Hi. Just finished the audiobook of “For We Are Many” and it was great. Thank you. Do you know when “All These Worlds” will be out on audiobook? It’s not listed on Audible yet.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Audible is working it out right now. Probably August.

  22. Taylor

    I started and finished this book (Audible) yesterday. I absolutely love the Bobiverse! Can’t wait for “All These Worlds.” “Singularity Trap” and “Outland” sound quite interesting, too. I need to check them out.

  23. Steven Hovater

    Hey Dennis
    I’ve read both.. loved every second of it.

    Heinlein would be proud.

    Eager for vol 3..


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