Continuing to work on my spaceship

I’m still hacking away at the render for the Heaven vessels. Here’s my latest:







    • Mike on February 18, 2017 at 2:02 pm
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    Cool. But why what looks suspiciously like cockpit windows? Those radiators at the back look reminiscent of similar structures on Khan’s Botany Bay!

    1. The Heaven-1 was a reconfigured cargo ship. Not built from scratch. So it would have human conveniences like windows.

  1. I like it. Clean and simple… not every design needs look like it came from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As I’ve read it, the project faced serious internal resistance and cutbacks, so there was a urgent need to rush it through before it was entirely canceled or destroyed. As such, the critical systems like the framework Bob’s conciousness exists in, 3D printers, drones, sensors, long term power and propulsion, would have taken up the largest portions of their funds, and it makes perfect sense that they would look at repurposing whatever they could to reduce costs and speed up launching Heaven-1. So, take a workable common frame, beef it up, pack it with all the specialty tech and send it on it’s way. Being self-replicating, and equipped with an intelligence capability of improving upon it own design, it’s scope and scale would evolve naturally in response to the needs that were identified from what it encountered during the voyage… which I’ve throughly enjoyed, thank you ever so much!

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