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I’ve been catching hell from fans because I’m not supplying updates often enough. So, here’s a core dump…

Blog Cleanup
In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve moved most of my top pages to ‘Old Pages’. They were out-of-date or no longer relevant items, such as sample chapters for books that are now published. I didn’t want to delete them because of the number of visitor posts that I’d lose. I’ll try to keep this site better organized in the future.

I have finished the rewrite (it’s gone well past an ‘edit’ in scope) and handed it off to my editor. He is hoping to get to it within a week or so (as of Aug 20th), and we’ll probably knock it back and forth for the month of September. Then it goes into preproduction at Audible. That takes somewhere around four months or so, generally. The big uncontrollable variable is Ray Porter’s schedule. So, all in all, I’m thinking Feb or March of 2019 for the release.

Bobiverse Sequel
I am currently writing the next Bobiverse book, working title The Search for Bender. Three guesses what it’s about. I did an outline for the book and discussed it with my agent and my editor, and the consensus is that this is either a very thick book or possible a duology. We’ll see. But I want to have it (or them) written by the end of 2018. So, given the earlier-mentioned constraints, we’re probably looking at early summer 2019. If it turns out to be a duology, the books will be released very close together. I don’t like waiting a long time for the next book, and I know you don’t. I will post updates on this from time to time.

I was at a breakfast meeting at Worldcon where the subject came up of the apps that I wrote for the Bobiverse books. They were: a timeline app, a stellarium app, and a relativistic time/distance calculator. They all require various amounts of work, because between the time that I wrote them and now, Microsoft brought out Windows 10. Among other things, XNA doesn’t work on Win10, so now I have to convert to MonoGame. Also, I moved from VS2010 to VS2017 and of course everything broke.
But anyway, I’m going to clean up those apps and post them on something like Codeproject.com . And soon, because I need the apps working again to get the new Bobiverse book right.

Worldcon (sort of)
Worldcon was very interesting and entertaining, but I found myself dissatisfied with a few of the seminars because of what I see as a common problem with these one-hour single-serve events: mostly, they rehash what’s already been said, without going into a lot of new detail. Or they review the material, point out the outstanding questions, admit that these are hard questions, and never deal with them.
So, because I’m got nothing better to do and I’m not busy at all, I’m going to start irregularly blogging, and I’m going to begin by spouting off about some of these subjects. I am by no means an expert on them, so it should be great fun.

And that is, for now, it.


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