Vacation starts tomorrow

My last day of work before vacation. Woo-hoo!

I have a laundry-list of things to do, of course, as mentioned in my previous post. But add to that some software updates that I need to make. I wrote a couple of apps in aid of the plotting of the Legion books. In particular, an XNA-based stellarium to allow me to plot Bob’s movements against actual star locations; and a timeline program to allow me to coordinate events across star systems.

Both of those apps could have a wider use, and I’m thinking of putting them up on after the book is out. Might be a neat kind of cross-marketing, actually.

We’ll see. My vacation seems to be full-up with stuff to do, but at least it’s stuff I want to do.

Oh, and I still need to get the Acknowledgements and Dedication pages out to Ethan before pub day.

Meanwhile, the cover art for Audible has been finalized, and we’re working on the cover art for the e-book. I’m looking forward to being able to actually put something up.


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