Editing Done. Maybe.

Today, I sent my edited manuscript back to the editor. She was surprised that it was so fast.

And there’s another source of anxiety. I know that I have fast turnaround. When I was doing my query on absolutewrite, there were comments made about how fast I was turning around the versions. And I don’t mean in a good way.

I don’t really have any metric with which to measure my turnover. No prior experience in the industry, no other writers that I’ve worked with. I don’t think that I’m doing a slap-dash edit. I think the issue may be that a lifetime of software development and unreasonable deadlines have taught me to do heads-down cramming.

I hope that’s what it is.

I guess I’ll find out soon enough. If the editor sends it back with some variation of “scrap and redo”, then I’ll have to re-evaluate. If she’s good with my changes, then, well, I’m just fast.

Stay tuned.

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