I Have an Edit!

I received the completed edit yesterday, a week early. And it’s not bad. There were the expected spelling and syntax corrections, and some suggestions for wording changes, of course. She indicated where things were vague or confusing and needed further explanation. There were a couple of suggestions for putting in more backstory–those were a little aggravating because I took that out at the suggestion of critters (grrr!).

But nothing Earth-shattering. No wholesale ripping out of subplots or savaging of characters; no indications of systemic writing flaws; no suggestions to redo whole chapters. My expected ass-whuppin’ has turned out to be nothing more than a light thwapping. Huh. Go figger.

There was one change, where she suggested I remove VEHEMENT entirely, that I simply can’t follow. VEHEMENT is a minor ‘character’ in book 1, but in book 2 they cause some pretty significant damage, so they have to stay. But, hey, minor stuff, right?

So, yeah. I’m feeling validated. 🙂



    • Jason Pennock on January 8, 2017 at 6:10 am
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    Hi Dennis,
    I have just finished Legion, and have to say it is one of the best books I have ever read. I read a lot, I was brought up on Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Wyndham, and E.E. Doc Smith and Star Wars (so I LOVED the Admiral Ackbar references!!!), but your story is just something special. I wrote in my review that it is going to be.one of the best books of 2017, I know it got the Audible award for 2016, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got another for 2017, but I think it will het multiple awards in 2017, it’s going to be the next ‘Martian’, only better 🙂
    Your character(s) are just exceptional, your brilliant use of pop culture references, your incredibly detailed tech, even the genius of the.psychoanalysis! This book has everything. I have actually read it and listened to it (as in listened to it being the second time) as it is just so clever.
    Thanks so much for all your time and effort Dennis, really appreciate it!
    If you ever need any ARC readers, please let me know, although I’m assuming you have thousands of offers already given the quality of your work.
    I just bought Outland to read in the mean time whilst I’m waiting for the sequel. The other concept you have of the Singularity Trap sounds awesome to.
    Thanks so much for your time and best of luck!!!
    Jas Pennock

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