Done and almost done

I’ve finished writing Legion. Which is not to say, I’ll be publishing tomorrow. It means I’ve finished adding plot. Now I have to go through a couple of edit passes. I tend to use certain words too much: just, fairly, appear.. minimizing words. I see it as dry understatement, readers see it as wimpy. Sigh. Readers win.

I also need to scan for LY adverbs. Another problem of mine.

Anyway, should take a day or two, then I’ll be posting requests for beta readers. And while waiting for them to eviscerate my book, I need to finish the cover design. I found a really talented cover artist on kboards, but his prices are a little on the hefty side. I’ll have to see how my homegrown effort pans out. Maybe if worst comes to worst, I can give it to him as a model to work from.

But I’m on track for the end of the month, barring disasters or delays.



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      • on June 9, 2015 at 5:43 pm
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      Good grief. I almost deleted you unread. You’re TOO GOOD at imitating spammers.

      Yeah, I know about Hemmingway. It’s on my favorites. Guess I should make use of it. The big problem is that it doesn’t suggest alternatives (at least I don’t remember it doing so), and usually when I end up using a Bad Structure it’s because I can’t think of a good one that says the same thing.

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