Starting Alpha Readers

I’ve now gotten myself a couple of alpha readers for Legion. The story is at 60K words, and I want to see if there are parts that I’ve skimped on. Ideally I’d like to have it at 80K for release, but in the end it’ll be the size that it needs to be.

Postings have been going up on Critique Circle for a couple of weeks now, and the reception is pretty good. I’ve gotten comments that the blurb is too detailed– something I agree with. Tried to stick to much information in, in response to the absolutewrite thread comments, and that never ends well.

The big milestone for me, though, was figuring out how to introduce the Others. For some reason, I blocked on that for a while. But all good, now.

On a slightly different subject, I’m redoing my spaceship from scratch. Same general layout, but elliptical instead of octagonal. It looked too toy-like before, IMO.



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