Aug 08

Audible Release

So, the glitch is fixed and Audible is going to try to email everyone who already downloaded it.

Meanwhile, I got this email from Audible. I love their graphics work.



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  1. Char

    so far so much love for what iv got, i do love the tention, always waiting to so what hapens next

    Thank you for this ^^

  2. Rob Prouse

    Happy Day, I get to return to the Bobverse! Thanks for an amazing series, I’ve been looking forward to this release.

  3. Aqua

    loved it cant wait for book 4
    luckily a slow day at work to start there 😀

  4. Abdur

    I figured the error would get corrected quickly. I downloaded the abbreviated version and will redownload tonight. Loving the book so far!

  5. Rich Bowman

    Downloading it now. I was on my drive home when it ended. I backed it up and tried again. I was a bit angry for a second but then rationality set in and I realized there had to be some kind of issue. Very happy to see it had already been resolved!

    1. Rich Bowman

      Spoke a little too soon. There is missing content in Chapter 64. I rewound, then deleted and re-downloaded. It happens right after the first wave engages the enemy.

  6. Will Grannis

    Audible is sticking to their guns: refreshed the app but it still claims the book is only 6 hours 48 minutes long. Uninstalled and no change.

    1. Will Grannis

      Just figured: “Screw it, I can’t wait.” Bought the e-book. Well played, Mr Taylor, well played.

    2. Dennis E. Taylor

      I think the displayed time in the library might not be updated right away. People have reported downloading it anyway and getting all 76 chapters.

  7. Bob

    How many chapters are there supposed to be?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      76. Last one is “Pilgrimage”

  8. Nathan Zimmer

    Reviews have said its a ‘cliff hanger ending’ but your last blog title says ‘The Trilogy is Complete’. Is it a cliff to no where?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I’m pretty sure those are people who listened to the chopped-off version of the audio book. There are no cliffhangers. Everything is wrapped up. But if you cut it off at chapter 63, I can see that kind of reaction.

      Audible will be sending follow-up emails to those people and deleting those reviews.

  9. Gerard Cristofol

    I didn’t get the email, but after a re-download I got a bigger, about 2 hour bigger, file.

  10. Mark

    Oh don’t worry about the glitch. We’re all going to listen the heck out of your book.

  11. Brian Fleenor

    Loved the Bill Paxton dedication.
    Bill was the human element in sci-fi.
    He kept it real. He was a Bob for sure.

  12. Yoly

    No whispersync for voice with the ebook version for this one?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I’ve sent an email to my Audible contact and my publisher. I’ll post if I find out anything.

  13. Kevin

    I loved the book, and while it was epic to be certain, I’m not certain where Audible thought this was the series climax. Maybe ratcheting up the stakes, but not the ending just yet.

    Also, if you read this Dennis, you might consider adopting the term ‘closest continuer’. It somewhat applies to Bob, even with his variations. The term comes from Metaphysics, and somewhat fairly applies. It’s hard to describe, but boils down to this, if you take a boat & eventually replace every piece of the original, the closest continuer theory holds that the new boat is the closest continuer of the original. It also tends to be used to justify teleportation in Star Trek, as even if you really are killing the original person at every teleport, you’re at least making an identical copy each time.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Kevin, please check if you have 63 chapters or 76. The initial release was 13 chapters short. I’ve had a lot of comments about book 3 being a cliffhanger, all from people who listened to the short version. When they got the longer version (just a case of deleting from your device and re-downloading), they changed their minds.

      Regarding the ‘closest continuer’ concept, it comes up in Singularity Trap, which is coming out in the spring. It’s not a bobiverse book, but it does deal with similar issues.

      1. Kevin

        Thanks for letting me know. As you said, I thought it just ended on a cliffhanger. Thanks for letting me know.

      2. Kevin

        Just finished the missing chapters. Loved the ending, but notice a few hanging plots that still need resolution.. Specifically, you never resolved what Medeiros is up to currently (although given the 2nd book suggested multiple Brazilian expositions, I wonder if that means we might be dealing an entirely new replicant from Brazil.)

        Also, I really want to hear more about Bridget & Howard’s current life.

        Also I wonder about the remaining council members, and if they might still be able to cause problems.

        I also wonder if there’s any possibility that the Chinese probe managed to make copies before encountering The Others.

        While this chapter in the Bobiverse books is finished, I do hope there’s more of this Universe to be written.

        1. Dennis E. Taylor

          All of those things are potentially the grist for future mills.

  14. Bob Sieloff

    I like the joke about this being a trilogy. I know Bob will be calling into Will on BobNet soon opening a whole new set of adventures!??

  15. Flotron


    Will I get in trouble if I compose an electronic music song inspired by your last tree books and call it “All These Worlds” ?


    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Can’t copyright titles. If you could, I imagine the Arthur C. Clarke foundation would be after me.

      Personally, I’d love it.

      1. Flotron

        That’s great Dennis!

        I have a couple more songs to work on for my next album and your books have been quite inspiring. Your interviews were inspiring too, I’m also a software developer and I can relate to your personal story.
        In about a month and over 100 iterations later I should have the song ready.


  16. William

    This has been the first book series that i go out of my way to listen to the whole book as much as possible in longer sittings i norm just listen a little when i driving. Not for bob. I check and recheck the dates waiting for the next book for each book just finished this book in 2 days…. I love The Bobs and this is the first time i felt sad from any of the books. Now im left with one question. Is Bob over for good?

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