Jun 30

Retiring to Write Full-Time


As I write this, I am patiently enduring my last day at the day-job. Starting tomorrow, I am a full-time writer. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to put out at least a couple of novels per year, although the afternoon naps may get in the way. 🙂

I’ve had a preliminary talk with my agent about schedules and deadlines and such, and we’ll be bringing the publisher into the conversation soon. I’ll post up relevant details as soon as we have them nailed down.



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  1. Jack Hudler

    Rock on!

  2. Jacob

    Best news ever! I can’t wait to read all the great books that will come from this.

  3. Paul Hebditch

    ……..and that’s when the ‘writers block’ starts!

    Good luck man, love what I’ve seen so far.

  4. Ian

    Congrats, looking forward to reading more of your books.

  5. Damian

    This is awesomet! Looking forward to more of your great work. Good luck!

  6. Ralph Larsson

    Like Bob#1 a lot but can’t figure out why there is so much, or any for that matter variation between Bobs. Even the Bobs don’t really seem to nderstand. It really distracts me and my enjoyment of the book. What gives?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      It’s simple, really. My editor told me there had to be more variation between the Bobs. I went back and added it.

      And that’s your introduction to the dirty underbelly of writing. 🙂

      1. Mariano Villegas

        Well I like it. For me it gives it provides Bob with a mystery that despite all his knowledge and capacity he can’t (or they can’t) still figure out. It tells me that they are still humans and that the universe has a lot of secrets that maybe he/they will never unravel.

      2. Billy

        I guess that’s what you get when you ask how the sausage is made.

        I thought the hand-waiving explanation given in the book was perfectly fine. Quantum variation. Yeah, that sounds good!

      3. TooMad

        Author rule #1, blame the editor. Editor rule #1…

  7. Will Grannis

    I just want to say that although I have always been a fan of the science fiction genre, no other author has made the days between releases drag on as much, and as a fourteen-year-old soon to go into ninth grade, I was shocked to discover that the impatient waiting for your book could make summer feel like school time. I discovered you after finishing The Martian by Andy Weir for the umpteenth time, and saw the suggested books on audible. I quickly finished your first bobiverse book, and in my thirst for your witty plot and writing style, I listened to your book at 3x speed. Your writing style is unparalleled practically anywhere, with only Andy Weir and Ernest Cline being close. In fact, I love the writings of the three of you so much that it wouldn’t shock me if you were the same person. All in all, I want to thank you for the three amazing books. I wait expectantly, impatiently, hopefully, and unabashedly excited for the third book in the Bobiverse.

    1. Mariano Villegas

      While waiting for book 3, I listened 1 and 2 two time each. And they still get me.


      reminds me of when I was your age… waiting for the 3rd Jurassic Park book from Michael Crichton… worth the wait.

      Then the movie ruined the first, and second book… third movie got closer to something that was not a “concept” of the book… fourth movie is closer to what I would have expected from the first movie.

    3. Zerdath

      I agree completely with your assessment, Will! Have you read any Jim Butcher or Drew Hayes? Not Sci-fi authors, but I think their world-building skills really draw you in. If you want some sci-fi, I’d recommend James S. Corey or Lois McMaster Bujold. Happy reading, from another impatient Bobiverse fan! 🙂

  8. chris

    Nice! Big fan of the Bob series. Was a fun and interesting read. Looking forward to #3. Thanks

  9. Melissa

    This is excellent news for your readers but I do have a question: How does Mrs. Taylor feel about having you underfoot?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Well, I do have my own office, but yeah…

  10. Mike Bowman

    Retired to write full time.

    Living the dream… 😉

  11. Jason Cates

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to listen to the third book.

  12. Alex

    Looking forward to more of your books now that you have the time to write them, maybe another worldlines novel?

  13. cadd1122

    I have no clue why I put off reading We Ate Legion this long but I had!! Started it yesterday and finished it today! I’m absolutely thrilled that i did! As a LONG TIME sci-fi reader/fan I found the bob-humor perfectly tuned to my inner dialog! Love every name choice. I’ve already picked up book 2 and pre-ordered the third. I’ll start book 2 tonight!

    Congrats on retirement. Hope you have a peaceful window and view from which to gaze while you dream up your novels.

  14. Mark H.

    Congratulations on day job retirement! Loving the Bobs. Thanks for making my day job commute something I look forward to thanks to audible.

  15. Judy

    That’s fabulous news! I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd Bobiverse book, and now I will have to keep my feelers out for anything else you write! Congratz!! 🙂

  16. Bill Hayes

    Read bob verse….Outstanding. Loved Outland ….can’t wait for Earthside. Git er done ! I think Outland would make a great sci-fi series if the network turds don’t change it up. Sci-fi channel is turning into a black hole. Just remember Ghost Brigades. Keep keeping on man. I cant wait !

  17. Stephen

    Loved the Bobiverse books, and I’m looking forward to listening to the next one! Your choice of narrator was perfect. Glad you’re working on writing full time, and glad you’re planning on putting out books that far! I did have a question, though: I see some info on this site about Singularity Trap, but can’t find anything on Amazon or anywhere on if it’s available for purchase. Any news on that? Thanks for the great content!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Singularity Trap is going through final edits right now. It will be released exclusively on Audible for 4 months, then will be released on Amazon. Audible release some time early 2018.

      Hey, Audible kept waving money at me until I caved. What can I say?

  18. Paul Davis

    Read the Bobs, good story so far, in danger of becoming overly fragmented as they spread out.

    Outland, after the eruption Erin mentions “Marie’s Disease”. Think you meant her to say something like “acute silicosis”. Used to work the coal mines, anyone who got hit with that was never the same – if they lived. Most didn’t. Usually happened after a methane or dust explosion shut down the air circulation and threw all kinds of nasty gas and dust into the air. Pray the re-breather is working properly.

    Symptoms of acute silicosis: Acute Silicosis — results from short-term exposure to very large amounts of silica. The lungs become very inflamed and may fill with fluid, causing severe shortness of breath and low blood oxygen levels. Acute silicosis follows massive exposure to dust in unregulated environments. Acute silicosis causes symptoms of severe dyspnea, cough, fever, and weight loss.

  19. Billy

    Congratulations! I also want to thank you for releasing the books so close together. I’m not sure if that will continue in the future, but it was a great change of pace to waiting 1-2 years for the next book!

  20. Jenna

    That’s incredible! I just finished Legion and am starting on book 2, and i’m thrilled to hear you’ll be making more books!! Way to go – this is a big change, totally bad ass to take this step. Congratulations!!

  21. Will Grannis

    I have always admired authors who put science in their books and make the stories accurate, which you do a good job of, but I have a small problem. Considering the fact that they can communicate ftl, cant they use the SCUT drive as a tachyonic antitelephone to tell Bill of the Others the moment that he invents SCUT?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      There’s no time-travel aspect to the SCUT.

      1. Will Grannis

        Any device which could send messages ftl could also send them back in time. PBS Spacetime has a good video about this, to which I’ve linked below, along with a wiki article about an Einstein thought expirement about an ftl telegram.



        1. Dennis E. Taylor

          All the arguments for FTL causing time travel and/or causality issues argue from the point of view of the FTL happening within a relativistic reference frame. Wormholes, for instance, do not, which is why they can plop you halfway across the universe without worrying about lightspeed. As soon as you make the assumption that a particular FTL technology operates outside Einsteinian space, all bets are off.

          1. Will Grannis

            So, are you saying that SCUT and SURGE would opperate like an Alcubbiere warp drive and that the messages aren’t moving ftl, they’re just travelling across shorter distances than the one our Euclidean metric would assign to the endpoints of the message? If so, than that would clear up all of my lingering doubts about this “plothole.”

            On an unrelated note, if their are personality diffences between the Bobs, are there intelligence differences as well? And on another unrelated note, if there were female replicants, could the Bobs make non-Bob replicants with them? Or is it impossible for Bobs to have children.

            The wait for book 3 is maddening. Only 25 days, one hour and 37 minutes left!

          2. Dennis E. Taylor

            Yes, that’s right.

            I haven’t built in any intelligence differences yet. However, in principle the differences in each new clone would effectively constitute ‘genetic drift’ of a sort. Eventually, the new generation would be a different person entirely.

            I can’t speak to the last question without getting spoilerish.

  22. Ryan W Brown

    As a reader and fan of things like the King Killer trilogy (unfinished), Game of Thrones(unfinished) and the books of the Old Man’s War series (unfinished) I’m not positive that you are actually a human being. You are aware that it’s been less than a year since you started this (amazing) trilogy and it’s not just finished, you were doing that while still working a day job?

    Just admit the fact that you are a prototype replicant operating in frame jack and I won’t feel as bad about my lazy ass failing to finish watching a whole TV season in a years time because reddit was distracting me.

    I’ve been evangelizing for your series everywhere I can and cannot wait until next month! Congrats on getting to retire, and know that you can count on at least this loyal customer for anything you publish!

  23. Dan Clark

    Absolutely love the Concept. It’s like a great blend of old school Orson Scott Card wth a twist of BV Larson smashed together with a ton of original plot on the side. I can’t wait for the 3rd. I think both congratulations and thank you are due.

  24. Paul

    I just wanted to give say congrats on the move to writing full time. A friend gave me the first two books in your series and I went through them in a few short days – couldn’t put them down. Before I had even finished book 2 I had ordered a copy of book 1 for another friend of mine. I had no idea until I was searching for a copy of book 3 that a) it isn’t out yet and b) you have been doing this part time. Great story telling – looking forward to reading more of your books down the road.

    If you ever decide to write other stories set in the Bobiverse , may I kindly suggest some chapters from the perspective of the other Probes, or the Others. Great work!


    – Paul

  25. TooMad

    After chewing through all but MHI for Ringo’s works I had to look elsewhere for my scifi fix. I didn’t have much else to go on so I followed Mark Boyett’s name to KJA’s Saga of Shadows. The “backstory” in Shadows sounded too interesting to just get tidbits so I stopped Shadows and went through Seven Suns first. Back to Shadows then I turn to reddit for more suggestions. I mean well when I say this so don’t take “freshman” as any sort of a jab. But Bobiverse is the best freshman work I’ve read yet. Either you have a mountain of “not bad” books squirreled away on your computer or you’re going to be one of the best out there.

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