Jun 23

Audible Pre-order is up

The pre-order for “All These Worlds” is up on Audible. The e-book version should be up within a day or two.




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  1. Kai

    …aaaand bought. Well, pre-ordered. August is forever away though, any options for a few pages as a teaser to cut down on the wait?.. 🙂

    1. Kai

      Just saw the sample chapter post. Thank you!

  2. Ashley Black

    Is there a UK date?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Same date. If there’s a delay, it’s internal.

      1. Ashley Black

        Thanks. I will pester Audible.

  3. Phil

    Pre-ordered it as soon as I saw it . I can wait …….NO I can’t ahhh.. wait I can get OUTLAND to read in the meantime ..sorted . Thanks Dennis .

  4. Mary Jo DiBella

    Pre-order complete. That’s such a long time to wait… 😎

  5. Michael Gormley

    Seriously, I love this story. Going to pre-order it now.

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