Oct 05

Where’s the Sequel?

I just got asked that question last night, as a matter of fact. By Audible. The Legion sequel is written. Actually, #3 is about half-done as well. I’m going to give #2 a good going-over and email it to my agent this weekend. The wheels of commerce grind slowly, of course, but I’m hoping this will move a little more quickly than the first book. As soon as that’s in the queue, I’ll get #3 finished and get that going as well.



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  1. Van

    How many months am I going to be left hanging not knowing the fate of the Deltons? Please hurry.

  2. Jackie

    Just what I was checking! I’m more concerned with the fate of the humans.

  3. Steve Sterling

    Book 1 awesome awesome book can’t wait for the number 2 audio-book

  4. Mark

    Great Book! Cant wait for the next one.

  5. William Rickert

    I can not tell you how happy I am to hear that the next bobverse book is complete! We are legion is such an excellent example of hard science fiction. I ripped through the first one in a day and can’t wait for the next. Thank you!

  6. Joe

    Thank you for writing We Are Legion. It has been years since I have felt so good about a book. I bought the audio book from Audible 2 days ago and I am halfway on my second reading(listening) of it. I can’t wait for book 2.

  7. Ted

    I’m not quite done yet but finishing up fast on We Are Legion and had to check to see if there was any possibility of any sequels. I was very happy to find your site and the great news of new books coming out. I have been listening to the Audiobook on the way back and forth to work and even left early today to get a few minutes more in. Ray Porter does a great read and I really enjoy his style.

    Good luck and I look forward to the next books soon!

  8. slyrat

    Did Audible give you any idea when Ray Porter would be available to do Bobiverse book 2?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I’ve submitted book 2 to my agent. From there, it goes to the editor, who beats it with a club, then hands the tatters back to me to tape together. Then Audible gets it recorded. I’d imagine Audible is looking at Ray’schedule, but until we know when the editor is done with it, we can’t nail anything down.

  9. Braden

    I love the first book and cant wait for the second. Bobiverse book 1 was the first audible book that I had to re-listen to because it was so good.

  10. markdsm

    Hi Dennis

    Speaking of sequels,

    mind if we get a post dedicated to reader’s theories on the second book? I’ve listened to the book like 5 times now (the way i work i spend a lot of time in a vehicle) and had theories/anticipations on how certain aspects of the first book might play out down the road I’d love to discuss with other readers and a overwhelming desire to yell “Called it!” if i end up being right.

    Side note: would increase fan participation/traffic to your blog 🙂

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Nice Idea. Will do.

  11. Mark

    I am so happy to know that the sequel is finished and a third book is on the way. I thoroughly enjoyed “We Are Legion” and can’t wait (seriously, I’m ready for it now, even in unfinished form) for the next book in the series. Your writing style is great and your humor is wonderful. Thanks for the great book!

  12. Craig

    Great book. Equally great audio version. Can’t wait for #2 & 3 & 4 & 5 etc etc…..

  13. ankh

    I’m only 2 hours into book 1 and I’m already searching for when to expect the sequels. Thank you for keeping us posted. Now.. back to the bobiverse.

  14. DivaDev

    I finished Audible version in 1 DAY at work. Just “Wow!” Being immersed in the reading – I think I became a Bobbie (girl Bob) along with the group. hahaha

    Fantastic with hard science details covering so many subjects. It was an amazing feat for the narrator to pull off subtleties between Bob personalities!

  15. Dennis P Pratt

    Lol great book. I loved it.
    I don’t know where the joke came from but I had a group of gaming friends who were playing a futuristic superhero role playing game, and the name Bob kept coming up with regards to names of different characters. And we became The Bob Squad.

    Looking forward to the next book

  16. Khalil Ford

    Just bought the audible version. What fun!

  17. Alyse Banasiak

    thank you . . .looking forward to the next book.

  18. Diane Martin

    Loved the book. Can’t wait for the next one.

  19. Johnny1

    Wow.. 1 hour into the first audio book and Im ready to open my wallet for 2,3,4,5 ECT!

  20. Brian Foster

    Just finished book two. Really enjoyed it. Now, ol I’m looking forward too book three. Any projected release date for that?

  21. Dean

    A really enjoyable LISTEN.

    No pressure on book 3… then again I am ephemeral !!

  22. Eric

    Love this series can’t wait for more!!!!

  23. Pete

    Oh WOW just finished book 2. It is brilliant. I hope book 3 will be available soon. I’m hooked.

  24. Josh

    This series is absolutely fantastic! I’m a massive fan of Orson Scott Card and Asimov, and I’ve gotta say, I have despaired that I would find an author who creates characters with comparably rich inner dialogue and nuanced humanity as Card or as epic a story scale as Asimov without being self-indulgent with the world-building or screwing up the balance of gravitas and immediacy (even Foundation drags a bit IMHO)…. my hat’s off to you, sir. This series is crushing it. I laugh, I worry, I exult, and I discover with the characters. Can’t wait for Bobverse Part 3!

  25. John

    In third grade I couldn’t read well. My mother took me to the library and I found the science fiction section. I’m 70 and after a career in engineering your story just envelopes me. Waiting for book three and to learn what your going to do with the ice. Thanks for the excellent work.

  26. Steve

    Where’s book 3?

  27. Tarzy SeymourDale

    I need more Bob(please?)

  28. robin wewe

    Love 1 and 2, Jones’n for 3! BOBIVERSE! BOBIVERSE! BOBIVERSE!……………….

  29. Todd Hammersmith

    Just finished the first two books, eagerly anticipating book 3

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