Contract Signed

Yeah, I’m still a little boggled. I have just finished signing a publishing contract with for We are Legion. Wait, is it a publishing contract if it’s audio? Hmm, is there money involved? Yep. Then, yes.

Excuse me, must take time to happy-dance.

And, I’m back.

The agreement with Audible includes access to a professional editor, which I believe will be invaluable. For all that people say they like my writing style, I don’t kid myself that I’m a pro, yet. Some substantive pointers and perhaps a beating or two from someone who knows whereof they speak should help kick me in the right direction. Plus, it might just put the manuscript over the hump in terms of getting a print publisher– something that, so far, eludes me.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday night, I’m feeling a post-sushi glow to go with my post-signed-the-contract glow, and I have an evening with no commitments.



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