When the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, it’s up to six university students and their experimental physics project to prevent the end of civilization.

When an experiment to study quantum uncertainty goes spectacularly wrong, physics student Richard and his friends find that they have accidentally created an inter-dimensional portal. They connect to an alternate Earth with identical geology, but where humans never evolved. They go panning for gold and become millionaires overnight, while fantasizing about Nobel Prizes and patents.

Then the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts on Earth in an explosion large enough to destroy civilization and kill half the planet. Richard and his friends have less than an afternoon to get as many people as possible across to Outland before Nebraska is covered in a lethal cloud of ash.

Now Richard finds himself in charge of a disorganized and frightened band of reluctant pioneers, on a world with none of the modern infrastructure that people have come to depend on. Richard has been a loner all his life, and has always wanted to be part of something bigger– but this is far more than he bargained for. If he doesn’t get this right, it’s not just the lives of the people in his care that could be lost– it may very well be the end of human civilization.


Published: Jan 2, 2015

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  1. Adam

    I’m listening to your book “We are legion” and am enjoying it so much that I decided i’d better see if you have anything else published. Luckily I found this site, and I just bought Outland on Amazon! Also, you REALLY need to get your names linked together on Amazon. it does not have these two books as being by the same person…. I’m sure i’m not the only one who wants to read more by you!!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any control over the account that Legion is published under. That belongs to the publisher. One of the disadvantages of trade-publishing, I guess.

      1. Brian Hague

        You can drop icy comets on a (somewhat) barren world, yet Amazon (and others) can’t even figure out how to link names with different publishers?

        Faith, suddenly seems more plausible… possibly sooner…

  2. Ed

    I just got Outland and finished We are Legion. Thank You I loved We are legion and cant wait to finish Outland so far its great.Thanks again I hope to see more.

  3. Craig

    Just a heads up your Outland books and Legion books are listed under different accounts on http://www.goodreads.com.

    After I finished Legion I went there to check for other books but Outland is listed under Dennis Taylor instead of Dennis E Taylor.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Sadly, that’s going to be an ongoing issue. I self-published Outland, which means it’s under my Author Central account. But Legion is trade-published, which means it’s done under an account that the publisher owns (and they get the proceeds, then distribute royalties). I’ve linked to the books in my Author Central account, which is the most I can do.

  4. Nic

    Is there a release date for the sequel to Outland?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Nothing firm, but I want to actually get it done by summer, this time. Instead of just talking about it. 🙁

      1. Sam

        Done by the end of winter you say?

  5. Lawrence Leone

    Love we are legion..3/4 done and WOW…very low bow…Outland looks fun…better to be good than fast..

  6. Edward Bristol

    Hey Dennis,

    Listened to ‘Legions’ over the weekend. Great job! Tight story telling and big idea.

    I had a draft 20 years ago: Extraordinary people are kept ‘alive’ post-death as software to be of eternal use for humanity etc. but I didn’t get it rolling.

    Later, I published three books on other topics under the name ‘Edward Bristol’. Also as audios. Two are free to stream under http://www.wildfishgems.com. (I’m a gem-trader)

    Now, my idea: You’ve created the beginning of a story with endless possible branches (as you’ll know). One writer can’t possibly develop them all. I imagined a web-based ‘open-source’ fiction project with different writers taking different Bobs into multiple worlds.

    Just an idea….

    In any case, great writing. Congratulations. The action parts could be more thrilling (Bob wins too easily) but everybody has his style.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Thanks. The upload idea isn’t new by any means. I’ve read 2 books in the last couple of years that use it. I’d name them, but I’m still pre-coffee, and right now I can barely figure out the keyboard. 🙂

      It’s a common discussion on absolutewrite.com that there are very few new ideas in fiction, just different implementations.

      The second thing you mentioned sounds like fanfic. Or, alternatively, licensed ‘universe’ fiction like the endless supply of Star Wars universe novels.

      As to the Bobs winning too easily, not to worry. Things don’t go so well in book 2…

      1. Frank

        Gah, they didn’t go nearly well enough in Book 1 and now you’re telling me Bob’s are going to have a rough time in Book 2. Buckle up. Bob’s should win easily. More flexible, more adaptable. Fine, I get it. No fun in that. see you in Book 2 and 3.

  7. Skopjack0311

    When will Outland be available on audible?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      There are no immediate plans for that. However, when I get Outland #2 written, my agent may try to sell both to audible as a package deal.

  8. Thomas

    Just finished WE ARE LEGION and WOW – loved it. Keep it up!

    On to Outland now!

  9. Chuck

    Loved We are Legion! Glad to see stories where the AI (though Bob is not an “artificial” intelligence) is not the nemesis. Bob is very human and relatable – altogether human in some of his indecisions and resource constrained situations. However, I think it would be interesting to explore how a Bob might develop if he focused on improving his intellect/compute capability and really embraced the machine side of his nature. Maybe that’s what Bill’s up to…?

    Any way – thanks for the great read, and looking forward to whatever you put out next!

  10. Palanthis

    In Legion, I have finally found a novel that is engaging, intriguing and humorous all at the same time. It’s very refreshing. I’ll definitely be reading Outland next while I want for Bob book 2.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Michael J LaGrange

    When will outland come to audible?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      A good question. I’m going to get it re-edited in the new year (Jan-Feb), then submit to Audible. If they pick it up, it generally takes about 2-3 months to get it produced. So, by summer 2017 seems reasonable.

  12. Joel

    I just finished outland… Super hungry for the sequel. Thank you

  13. Tim

    I finished Outland last night. While I thought the beginning was a bit slow, the book had a strong finish. The characters are developing nicely. I love to see the college student introducted to “adulting” and the positive way they are taking to it. I have watched “Primitive Technology” series on YouTube, which is quite fascinating, and wonder how far back our cast will have to go before they become self-sufficient. Hope our guys find a supply of Pri-G and Pri-D to stabilize their fuel, otherwise they are hosed in a year or so.

    As you can see I am very excited about a follow-on.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I’ve been concerned about the fuel best-by issue, as well as the GPS degradation. The latter is probably unfixable; but you’ve given me another thing to look up for keeping the fuel good for a while longer.

  14. Ellen Sanders

    I just finished “We Are Bob” and loved it! I listened to the audiobook. The narrator is a hoot. Thanks for all your hard work in writing. I really enjoyed the hard core sci-fi with such a hopeful message (if you overlook the earth was destroyed) lol

  15. DorkSideCookies

    I didn’t even realize you were the author of this as well! Fantastic book, I consume a book every week or so and sometimes I don’t pay attention when the same author has written more than one of my favorite books, this was awesome! A really fantastic read. We’d love to have an interview or something with you on our YT channel (we discuss We are Legion on our latest episode of our podcast-style video game playthrough), if you’re available at all, reach out to us and we’ll figure out how to make it happen!

  16. Sue

    Just discovered your book Outland, loved it now I find out it may not be put or even written until next summer. Hope I don’t forget about it I seem to do that with books that take a while to be published.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Join the mailing list. I’ll send out announcements when books come out.

  17. Philip Sykes

    I just finished Outland. It was the 259th book I’ve read since I purchased my Kindle but it’s easily one of the top ten.
    I usually have a loosely set time of day where I can sit and enjoy a good read. Outland was so compelling I found myself picking up the kindle at odd times of the day just to get a quick read in. Unfortunately the book came to an end and the sequel hasn’t hit the streets yet. Please, please, please, get cracking on book two, summer is a long way off.
    Biodiesel/vegetable oil be a good be a good fuel option. Vehicles that use diesel can also run on vegetable oil. Also, the transformers on the top of telephone poles have a considerable amount of oil in them that can be used as fuel for diesel vehicles.

  18. Steve Wanous

    Hey Dennis,
    Just wanted to say that i loved Outland and an waiting for the sequel. Also that after reading all the positive feedback on legion I’m going to have to give it a read.

  19. Al

    I loved Legion and then read Outland. Really good idea. I was wondering if you have read Bootstrap Colony by Christoher Hectl. Not quite the same story but has some good ideas. Anyway, great writing on both books. Thank you !!

  20. Charles Martin

    Just finished Outland thought it was great. Looking forward to the second book. Going to give Legion a look now. Thanks for the great book.

  21. Benton

    Hey Dennis! Loved both Outland and Legion! Can’t wait for when the next two books get out here! Also some thoughts about the Outland scenario, so at the end (Not giving spoilers) will that be a major part of the next book? Or are there any plans about going through there and somehow accessing another Earth with humans? Possibly advanced? Just speculating and hope to see you keep up the amazing work!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      The Outland universe is as open-ended as the bobiverse, in terms of future book opportunities. Dino world will definitely play a part in book 2, as will Greenhouse Earth.

      1. Benton

        Something very interesting I thought of would be if you somehow include a small crossover Easter egg between the World Lines and We are Bob series. Just a thought. I bet Kevin would completely flip. Like if in the We are Bob series it registers as like a small anomaly on the Deltan planet or something and either have the Deltans briefly encounter the G.O. or perhaps in the World Lines series they briefly see a Gorriloid or Deltan. These are just little ideas that would seem pretty cool and it would kind of make sense on the World Lines side.

        1. Benton

          Scratch that, I just remembered that they would have had to travel to the same location in their world… Oh well it was nice to believe it could happen.

  22. ArtNJ

    Dennis – Was your book inspired by Wildside by Steven Gould? If not, you may be interested in taking a look, as there is a portal to an alt-earth without humans, and the protagonist gets the idea to pan-mine for gold. I can easily be believe this came to you independently, but it isn’t a crime to be inspired by another work in any event. Just thought you might be interested if you haven’t read Wildside.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I have read Wildside. I even take a poke at it in Outland.
      The thing about the gold-panning is this–it’s such an obvious thing to do, if the characters didn’t immediately think of that, it would be a huge plot hole. Even Pratchett’s The Long Earth goes there.

      1. ArtNJ

        Yeah, pan mining is surely the first thing that would be considered, especially to raise capital for something more ambitious. I’m not sure if it would actually be what one would pick with a geologist on board, as I believe precious gems were very accessible in certain places as well. There was a story maybe 5-10 years ago about a farmer that had a “vision” and dug in his backyard, finding a rich vein of emeralds. Granted I think he used a backhoe. There are also wilder ideas, like selling fossils or meteors, both of which go for millions at times. As long as you don’t try to sell one of the rarer/more unique looking ones it would probably be ok. Agree with Gould that extinct wildlife wouldn’t be a great idea lol.

  23. Letitia Sapp

    I found your books by looking for a story with a plot and not fantasy sex every other page. I loved Wildside and wish Mr. Gould had written a couple of sequels. I like your story Outland very much and hope to see sequels. Lots of sequels.

  24. Peter Morris

    Outland sounds very similar to ‘The Long Earth’ books by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. have you had a look at them at all?

    I’m coming to the end of your first Bobiverse book, really REALLY good. Very much looking forward to the second one. Though, you might want to include a spoiler warning in the book 2 description. sorta ruined the end of book 1 for me, but sure I will enjoy it anyway.

    Cheers, P.

  25. Albert

    This book was Majestic! I like your form of creativity been a while since I read something rather than just going for an Audio book but I will need to keep my eye on you for future books.

    Do you have ideas on other series or are you going to be sticking to Bobiverse and outland?

    P.S. I read Wildside because of this book I like it as well but IMHO this book was better. Have you read The Neanderthal Parallax by Robert J. Sawyer?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Yes, Sawyer is one of my favorite authors. I met him at the Surrey Int’l Writer’s Conference last fall at a Blue Pencil event. He critiqued the first 5 pages of Singularity Trap for me.

      1. Albert

        That’s awesome, how did he like it, if you don’t mind me asking?

        Also in regards to the audible version of Otherside have you considered Luke Daniels as a narrator?

        1. Dennis E. Taylor

          He gave me some suggestions for publishers to send it to, so I guess he liked it.

          Generally speaking, Audible decides on narrators. They picked Ray Porter (although I’m overjoyed with the choice).

  26. Albert

    Okay sweet so they have already chosen the Narrator of Outland. That means that I can look forward to a new audiobook just around the corner. Just curious but I seem to enjoy your books to a healthy degree, and was hoping you might have some suggestions on some descent books to read. I would never have found wild side if not for your website and I liked it.
    Can you explain the bit about “irate reader” in your website title, I’m super curious and haven’t seen any pasts about it in your Fourm/blog?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      What got me started on the idea of writing was a spectacularly unsatisfactory book that I’d bought on Amazon. I was irate and yelling something about “I could do better than that.” My wife dared me to put up or shut up.

      1. Albert

        Nice! That is awesome. So you didn’t originally plan to become a writer then. I guess I’ll have to owe my hours of enjoyment to your wife haha. I want to become a Science Fiction writer so I figured the best way for me to do book research would be to join the Navy so here I am in Japan it is awesome and I have gotten a lot of good ideas. If you need any insight about ships, military, or inner office naval politics just let me know.
        -IT2 Persyn
        Seventh Fleet FCISWO

        1. Dennis E. Taylor

          Military SF is a huge sub-genre, and the readers are very picky about realism. Or at least plausibility. Get a weapon wrong, or mess up a description involving chain of command, and you can have an angry mob parked on your blog. So having military experience is a huge plus, if that’s the area you want to write in.

          1. Albert

            I mainly joined to see how a fully staffed naval vessel worked together than an actual military. I want to do something with the overplayed ark idea. I figured that many of the staff on such a huge ship would be prior military. So it isn’t really a military sci-fi. Being in the military also gave me a better idea on political science. Yeah I have felt that way a few times reading about unrealistic space officers. Working as an IT in the navy is great because I get to do RadioComms, cryptology, and IT work, lots of fun.
            What was your carrier before writing books?

          2. Dennis E. Taylor

            My what?

          3. Albert

            Oops career sorry my phone has some pretty dumb auto correct… I know you are a programmer, what sourt of programs do you work on for your day job? Do your fellow office mates know of your writing?

          4. Dennis E. Taylor

            Thought that might have been the case. Autocorrect is a meme for a reason.

            I’m a Programmer Analyst at a large insurance company. For a few more months, anyway. And yes, my avocation is public knowledge.

          5. Albert

            I can’t hardly wait to finish my first novel although I’m not so sure I would want my shipmates to know about my “hobby”, my wife is very encouraging but I suppose that’s what spouses are for. Have you ever been to Japan? I have been to a lot of different countries and that gives me lots of inspiration. What sort of Alien cultures do you imagine?

          6. Dennis E. Taylor

            Have not been to Japan. I haven’t travelled much, actually. I may be able to change that, now.

  27. Craig

    You noted above you will be a programmer for a few more months…. does this imply you are going to be move into a full time writing career or did the Bobiverse bring you early retirement 🙂

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Yes. 🙂

  28. Albert

    Well if you need a place to crash to make your trip cheaper just let me know I got a guest bedroom.

  29. Ed

    Enjoyed Outland,, anxious to read next volume. When is it expected?

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      No delivery date yet. We have a couple of contracts in process, and the agreed-upon delivery dates will determine in what order I do my next few books.

  30. Austin

    Dennis, you brilliant so-n-so.

    As a human and fellow computer scientist I absolutely love your books. Outland was even better than We Are Legion. What I like the most so far are the stories themselves – the outcomes and events are interesting and fun and in several cases fairly realistic. Let’s be real though, if I were fighting pleistocene animals, the bare minimum I would bring for semi-auto rifles would be something in 308 :).

    I wish I had discovered you 5 years from now, so I didn’t have to wait so long before reading a second book of either series.


  31. Trina

    Have read both We Are Legion and Outland. Loved them both can’t wait for the sequels.

  32. jim sturtz

    Ditto. Any ideas on when?

  33. John Kennedy

    Listened to we are legion on audible and it absolutely blew me away which lead me here. Outland isn’t on audible so iv sent a request asking if they’ll be getting it any time soon Fingers crossed . At least I don’t have long to wait for we many.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I have a contract to produce Outland and the sequel on Audible. Just a matter of putting fingers (and possibly forehead) to keyboard.

  34. Billy

    Dude, you need to quit the day job, and stick to writing. you are killing us, having to wait for your next best seller (my opinion). Love your books

  35. Pat Nordmark

    Just finished this book, after having read the other two. I do hope you will write a few sequels to this one, as well as the others. Could you please write faster?

  36. Owen

    Is Outland available as an audio-book? Can’t find it on Audible and as I am about to finish “For We Are Many” I am mindful of needing something to prevent withdrawal symptoms!

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Outland will be out on Audible, probably this year, but maybe not soon enough for you.

      1. Owen

        OH well something to look forwards to. Deferred gratification and all!

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