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Wow, I guess I should update this.

At the moment (2016/10/19), I have the following items on the go:

We Are Legion is published and doing well. The second book, For We Are Many, is ready for editing and will be out in March/2017 (tentative). The third book, All These Worlds, is almost done, and I’m hoping for a June/2017 release.

Outland has been out for almost two years, now, and I’m getting occasional flak from fans about the sequel. I am now actively working on Earthside, and hope to have it ready for subbing by the summer. It may or may not be self-pubbed.

And I’ve just finished a stand-alone book, Singularity Trap, which is just going through beta reads. I’ll have it to my agent by end of November/2016.

That will take me to the fall of 2017 or thereabouts, at which point I will have to dip into my magical bag of story ideas for something else.




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  1. Dan McRae

    Much enjoyed Outland and hope you can release the sequel soon. Legion sounds interesting, and will watch for it. It’s a great event to have a new author writing good stuff!

  2. Marcus Northbay

    We Are Legion is excellent, thank you.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Thanks. And based on the text of your second post, I’m assuming you were wondering why this one didn’t show up. Unfortunately, spam is so overwhelming on wordpress blogs that most owners put all comments on ‘moderation required’. So I have to log in and approve comments before they show.

  3. Brenda Vostreys

    I love We are Legion! I listen to books while I work, so I go through A LOT of books. I listen for 8+ hours every day. Some I enjoy and forget about after a day or so. Some I slog through as they aren’t so good, but it’s background. Books I find totally boring get turned off and ignored. But We are Legion, I enjoyed, and have thought about daily for a few weeks after. Not many books capture my imagination and has me this excited about a sequel. I even tried to rush my husband to finish his current book so he could “read” Bob. 🙂 But he only listens a couple hours a day during his commute. Excitedly looking forward to having “Bob” back! Thank you for adding a spark to my day.

  4. galen gower

    I have quite enjoyed We Are Legion, though I cursed your name briefly this morning after finishing it. How soon can one expect a sequel? Are we talking speed approximate to Stephen King or George R. R. Martin? On the whole, I really appreciate your efforts. I shall recommend this one to other people, assuming other people care what I think. You may be on your own in that regard.

  5. Justin gerber

    Just finished we are legion! Wish it didn’t end! The story and narration was amazing! I can’t wait for Bobiverse book 2!

  6. Lee

    Wow, I really admire your work ethic in getting these books written. I’m an aspiring writer with a lot of unfinished stories and I’d love to hear some suggestions on how to just get it done. Really looking forward to those two upcoming Bob books very curious about your other work.

  7. Christopher Sockrider

    I’m loving We are Legion. As a really big audible(audio format) customer, I would love to see your future books in that format. The narrator, Ray Porter, is excellent. I would like to show my support for sequels on Audible with Ray Porter reading. Thanks you for this very enjoyable story.

  8. Sheri

    Just finished book one and can’t wait for number 2

  9. Kelly

    I just finished your book, and I loved it. Unrelated, but somehow totally related: I started playing a game called Factorio. If you haven’t played it, you should definitely check it out. It so perfectly captures the struggle of Bob mastering automation, spreading out, and eventually achieving much higher levels of automation and abstraction all from a very simple set of starting rules.

  10. Jeff Roman

    I am now officially addicted to the Bobiverse. Please, please keep writing! I love the use of some of the futurist visions’ for how it would play out!

    Fantastic work!


  11. Gary

    I have been very bored with Sci-FI as of late. You have renewed my interest. Thank You! We are Legion is great cant put it down. Keep writing please. I will check out our other works. Gary

  12. Shane

    You sir, have stumbled upon a potential long lasting series as well as a potential movie or tv show… anxiously await your next few Bob books.

  13. Jayson

    Mr Taylor

    Legion reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s opening lines in The Departed, “I don’t wanna be a product of my environment. I was my environment to be a product of me”.

    You’ve embraced self indulgence and created an open ended expedition in what us nerds want to see in a book. None of that humanistic crap, just like to be left alone.. with toys and science. and that’s ok. Well I’m with you, I love it, the expression and pop references make for a great personal story written for the reader.

    Where it is leading to ultimately is the realization that the humans being rescued are as useful as the Deltans being gorilliized and most of the efforts to save them are distractions from what really matters.

    The banta and cooperation between the Bob’s.

    Diversification of the bob race, uncluttered by bodily juices and weight gain and sports… pure productivity and expression of the self.

    Thanks dude, listened to it in three sessions over two days while cleaning out my garage.

    I will buy book 2 as soon as it is out and if you ever get around to hardcover set I’ll buy special editions if you’d sign them.



  14. Dean Giles


    We Are Bob is by far my favorite sci-fi book since Ready Player One. I started listening to the audiobook and my wife would hear pieces of it and it really piqued her interested. Even though I’d gotten more than half-way through the book, I was MORE than happy to start back at the very beginning and listen with her. We are anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. Keep up the fantastic work!


  15. Alex Banner


    I have really enjoyed legion and can’t wait for Book 2. Is there any talk of a film / TV show based on the book I think it would work really well in either format but greed makes me wish for a long running TV show.

    Many thanks again and keep the bobiverse going.


  16. craig

    Hey Dennis they wait is killing me mate. By the way there is a copyright infringement on youtube @


    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      Thanks for the pointer.

  17. Ryan

    So, with instantaneous communication it seems to be technically feasible for GUPPI to be able to split processing tasks between his many instances, thereby giving himself much more room, and processing power, to ‘grow’. Ya know, I just don’t trust that guy. Something just doesn’t smell right with him.

  18. William Alfred Powell

    Thank you.. That’s all just thank you.

  19. Andrius

    Amazing book, waiting for the sequel 🙂

  20. Bruce R Rector

    Just finished listening to “We Are Legion.” It was a great book and the narrator did an excellent job. I’m looking forward to books 2 & 3. I’m going to purchase the Outlander kindle book on amazon and start it tomorrow. Keep the books coming! Thank you!

  21. gus morales

    when will earthside be release ? I can not not find any info about eartside. outland was a great book.

    1. Dennis E. Taylor

      I wish I could give an answer to that question that would stick. Stuff just keeps happening. I’m doing final edits on bobiverse#3, so that’ll be out of the way soon. Then my editor from Audible will dump Singularity Trap on my head. That’s another month. Then I hope to get Outland re-edited for Audible. Three months? After that I can start back on Earthside, which is currently about 1/3 finished.

      The good news (well, to me anyway 🙂 ) is that after June 30th, I’m a full-time writer, so maybe I’ll be able to get some traction.


    Just finished “We Are Legion”. Had it in my Audible queue for awhile and started just a few days ago. Couldn’t stop. Great story!! Very interesting!! Looking forward to the sequel. Greta work!

  23. Chris

    So, I just tore through “For We Are Many”. Well done! Absolutely fantastic! I hope that your schedule for the third book will stay fairly close to what you’ve said in this update. Can’t hold you to it, obviously, but a man can hope. So glad I found out about this series.

  24. Thomas McGee

    9 hours of binge listening on the new book. Was phenomenal.
    I have a few buddies of mine that are in the police force here in town. I have listened to the 1st audiobook 12 times since buying it and read it twice(not enough time to read). Now I am starting the 2nd book again.

    My son has started listening to this series on my advice, I can
    not get him out of the book.
    Thanks Dennis for an awesome book!

  25. NAS

    Had the audiobook For We Are Many on pre-order and it arrived right on time. Just finished listening to it today. Good book. I will listen to it again. Good purchase. Good luck on the 3rd book. 🙂 I’ll be pre-ordering it at as well.

  26. jordan fleischauer

    I wish there was more in an effort to recapture the manic I listened to first book then I just finished the second what a story I will be pre order I will be preordering your third and hopefully a forth I don’t want it to end

  27. Andrew Cuber

    My heart skipped a beat yesterday afternoon when the audible informed me of the end of book 2. I knew it was coming but once again I got so caught up in the story it still took me by surprise. Already started to re-listen to the whole series over again. It’s going to be a long wait for the third one, but I know it too will be worth the wait! I will also be pre-ordering as soon as it’s available on audible.

    Thanks for bringing this awesome series to the table.

  28. Dustin Roundy

    Just tore through Bobiverse book 2 For we are Many and I am already ravenous for a 3rd. Keep up the great work! I have never seen such an original idea to split one great character into so many and keep the personalities slightly differing to the point I know who each is and still see the Bob underneath it all. This stuff is brilliant so please keep writing.

  29. Carl

    Thank you for such a good book (For We Are Many),

    You nailed the physics enough in both books that I could suspend belief and engross myself in your story.

    As an industrial automation engineer, specializing in communications that is a hard thing to do.

    Your handling of relative time was spot on.

    Can’t wait for book 3… and beyond please?

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